Friday, May 4, 2007

A Reality Check With ... Brittany Hatch (CW's "Top Model")

Before being a Top Model, 21-year-old Brittany Hatch was a bartender in Savannah, Georgia. The early frontrunner in the competition, Brittany did not receive a picture this week from Tyra. She sits down to talk to RealityCheck about her weave, her meltdown, and her short-term memory.

RC: Do you have any previous modeling experience before going on ANTM?

BH: No I didn’t. My mother tried to get me into it & because she wanted me to, I didn’t want to.

RC: Tell me about the audition process for the show. How were you chosen?
BH: I went to an open casting call in Atlanta. They line you up against the wall, pick out the girls that they think that have the right look and call them back for interviews.

RC: You started the season extremely strong – did you expect to be a frontrunner throughout?
BH: It was absolutely a surprise to me!

RC: Let’s talk about the weave for a second. What was the worst part about it?
BH: They dyed my hair 7-8 times before putting on the weave so my scalp had blistered & was bleeding underneath.

RC: Which photo shoot did you most enjoy?
BH: I really enjoyed the criminal shoot, it was more editorial.

RC: Was your outburst after being late for the go-sees addressed in the judging room? I thought for sure it would come up.
BH: They absolutely brought it up & I did apologize for my behavior. I was out of line.

Watching the episode back, did you really not ask the driver to meet you or was that clever editing to make it look like you didn’t?
BH: I actually did ask the driver to meet me. I didn’t communicate it as well as I should have.

RC: Dionne called you out saying you remembered the scene with Efren Ramirez but not the Australian Cover Girl commercial script. What was that about?
BH: There’s a difference between short & long term memory. The long term memory exists after a half hour. Short term memory – you can read something quickly & regurgitate. I have no short term memory. I had two hours to learn the scene but only a few minutes for the Cover Girl shoot. It’s my fault for relying on the cue cards.

RC: Which model did you feel was your biggest competition?
BH: Probably Nastasha, she’s really fantastic.

RC: Speaking of Natasha, on next week’s episode, all the girls turn on her. Is this something that had been brewing in the house?
BH: I think that it was sort of growing. Natasha has a really interesting personality – they always showed her bubbly side but she can be cocky & mean at times. She had an issue with telling the truth a few times.

RC: What was the most challenging part of living with so many girls?

BH: I mean, really, it’s the same as any situation where you had to live with a lot of people. There’s going to be conflict.

RC: Who will you remain friends with?
BH: Jael absolutely, she’s a fantastic person & a whole lot of fun. She’s sitting next to me picking her nose right now. Sarah, Samantha, and Felicia – all of them, too.

RC: What’s in your future?

BH: I actually plan on going to New Yowrk this summer to pursue a modeling career & we’ll see how that turns out.

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