Monday, March 19, 2007

A Reality Check From Andrea Lowell

Yes, kiddies. I have secured my first interview - none of than the beautiful Andrea Lowell from Playboy & VH1's "The Surreal Life: Fame Games". Here, she sounds off on coming back for another season, Vanilla Ice's temper, and her future plans!

What was it like being back to "The Surreal Life"? Are you glad you did it a 2nd time? I am glad I did the Fame Games because I really learned a lot from the other cast members. It was very stressful at times and you learn to cope with the pressures of being a celebrity. I knew going in that I was the least famous of the bunch. Each cast member left me with useful tools about being famous that I will hopefully get to use in the near future!

Do you think you've gotten a whole new fan base from appearing on VH1? I have met a lot of fans who liked me on TSL. I get a lot of girls who write to me and tell me they are proud of me for not augmenting my chest and being who I am and not looking back, but keep looking forward. I have a lot of young, aspiring models ask me for advice, which I think is verrry cool! I also get a lot of guys who are stoked to meet me, as well!

Your bio says you studied acting. Are you hoping to become a serious actress? No, acting is not my ultimate goal. I definitely can act, but I prefer being a host and interviewing people on red-carpets. I am not too much into scripted roles, but I have worked on numerous plays, TV shows, and a few movies. I have gotten offers since the show and have taken all of them! haha! I currently host The Playboy Morning Show on SIRIUS 198 and am LOVING it! I get paid to talk, what could be better!

What is the deal with Vanilla Ice's meltdown on the season finale? Is it as scary as it looks on tv? Rob's temper is actually MUCH scarier in person. You can see the veins bulging, the steam coming out of his ears, etc. But the great thing about Rob is he always apologizes. He struggles with his temper and I think when he sees it on TV, he will try to work on it even more. I mean, look how much he has improved since his first season of TSL!

What's next for Andrea? Just to continue to be happy and maintain a regular work schedule. I am fortunate to have been afforded the opportunities I experienced the past 2 years and I am so thankful to everyone who supports me. I am also going to be working on my website, (18 and over, though, kiddies!!). Thanks so much!


Sharon said...

I came across your blog in the Help Group. I think this is a great idea for a Blog since I love television and am not afraid to admit it. I'll have to check back in case I need to check on a show I missed!

Stop by blog:

acwo said...

Tiptop blog, I like it :)
keep it up!

Ron West said...


Saw your post on Google. I like your blog; very professional-looking.


loudmouthgirl said...

Andrea is a pretty girl... i just can't remember her from her original surreal life cast.

Anonymous said...

I love TSL : Fame Gamers, it's my guilty pleasure. :)

david mcmahon said...

Hi Gina,

This is in response to your query on Blogger Help group. I think you've got a great blog here.

Good concept - and one that should strike a chord with many readers. Nice work and you've got a rich vein to explore - and you'll never have a shortage of images either.

If I could give you some constructive advice, based on my time editing a magazine and newspaper, it would be to back yourself on the best/ strongest image and running it prominently.

You write well, so that' not the problem. The issue is drawing in new readers, so concentrate on ramping up your look. That is NOT criticism, it's advice froma media professional.

I'd also suggest that you nominate your blog for Aussiejourno's Weekly Blog Awards simply by leaving your url at

You can also contact me there directly if you have any queries. I'm always happy to help other bloggers.

Cheers and good luck
David aka aussiejourno

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