Monday, March 19, 2007

Preview: Dancing With The Stars (3/19/07)

Damn you, Dancing With The Stars. You premiered Season 1 during the summer ... which is where you should stay. My DVR is already set to "Prison Break" for me and "Everybody Hates Chris" for my son in tonight's 8pm time slot but you had to roll in and throw off my plans. Despite the fact that "Dancing With The STARS" has an ironic title ... it should be called, "Dancing With People You Used To Listen To Or Watch 10 Years Ago" ... I always end up getting roped in. Although, I much prefer "So You Think You Can Dance" because those people actually CAN. My money is going on Ian Ziering & Cheryl Burke. She's won twice previously with Drew Lachey & Emmit Smith. And who doesn't love Steve Sanders? Dancing With The Stars kicks off with a 2 hour premiere tonight at 8pm EST on ABC.

Who's ready for the Pasa Doble?

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