Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Reality Check With ... Tim & Aaron (NBC's "The Apprentice)

Last week, Trump surprised everyone by naming Nicole, Frank, Stefani, and James the Final 4 candidates. There would be no more firings - only a final task in pairs (Nicole/Frank vs. James/Stefani) to make a 1 minute mini-movie featuring the product, Renuzit. Each team was allowed to ask back 2 previously fired candidates. Frank & Nicole chose Tim & Surya while James & Stefani chose Angela & Aaron. Today, before the final decision is made, Aaron & Tim take some time to give their perspective on the last task & the 4 remaining candidates.

RC: Aaron, were you surprised to be brought back for the final task or did you have a feeling
Aaron: I was surprised BUT if there was a team to pick me back … James, Stefani, & myself worked really well together before I had gotten the boot.
RC: Tim, did you & Nicole have a deal where if one of you made it to the finals, you would bring the other back for the final task?
Tim: No no, there wasn’t. It was pretty obvious. No one wanted to take Martin, Carey, or Michelle. It really left Aaron, Surya, and me on Arrow. I had the most task experience

RC: I was expecting the final task to be bigger, were you?
Aaron: I really was surprised by that. That final task, we had actually finished the task before it was due. That’s unheard of in Apprentice world. Everything is rushed, nothing is ever finished.
Tim: Yes, it was lame. It was lame that it was 2-on-2. It was lame that they did a commercial. BUT in previous seasons, there was a clearcut winner.

RC: What were your responsibilities on the task?
Aaron: I was in charge of arranging sets & doing sound for the commercial and assisting James on sound.
Tim: We all kind of brainstormed together, it was Nicole’s idea. I did all the logistics, something that you never see. We had to let the other two shine no matter what. I called the actors, the lighting, the camera crew, scheduled meetings, got lunch, did all the behind the scenes things.

RC: Aaron, Nicole called James’ & Stefani’s plot boring & predictable. Did you like the court room drama scenario?
Aaron: I thought it was cute. They made it a commercial & it wasn’t a commercial. It was supposed to be a mini-movie, a mini-drama. We developed a storyline through our mini-movie. A husband was on trial and was going to get away with it because he used Renuzit, the viewer was able to see he was guilty the whole time.
RC: Tim, you expressed discomfort with the hospital setting along with Frank. What happened that kept that plan in place?
Tim: What happened was – Frank really started freaking out about it. It was really after the fact. He didn’t say anything when we talked about it. We had already written the script & called the actors and then he had a meltdown. I was more trying to calm him down.

RC: Aaron, Who are you pulling for to win this whole thing?
Aaron: I’d say I’m rooting for James.
RC: Tim, if Nicole wasn’t in the final four, which of the three remaining would you be pulling for?
Tim: I think probably … Frank. Why not? He wants it badly.

RC: Aaron, we asked
Yahoo users to submit questions and LordZ wants to know: “Was sleeping in the tents a learning experience or did you find it demeaning or unprofessional?”
Aaron: Sleeping outside has its good parts & its bad parts. It makes the show a little less professional. Sleeping outside in the tents with the team from the get-go formed an incredibly strong bond between team members. The resiliency that was developed is part of the reason you see Arrow members in the final four.
RC: Ok Tim, we asked
Yahoo users to submit questions and bmwdriver11 asked, “What was your REAL motivation for being on the show – the exposure, the money, or the chance to work with Trump?”
Tim: I would say none of the three, to be honest. It just seemed fun! It’s like watching the Red Sox game religiously like crazy & then suddenly they call you and ask you to be the starting 3rd baseman for the season.

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