Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Idol Gives Hope To Everyone ... Except One

Don't get me wrong, I think Idol Gives Back is a great idea. For those people who refuse to watch the show and/or just need an explanation, Idol Gives Back is a two-night charity special where big corporations donate money & an celebrities galore show up to give their support. I would have 100% loved the idea EXCEPT I didn't realize it was also competition week. Gotta say, in some ways, the AI juggernaut is loking for viewership besides trying to do something out of the goodness of their hearts. But that's just the girlish cynic in me.

Last night, the remaining 6 sang songs of hope & inspiration. Though I thought they were pretty good (except you, Lakisha), I felt the judges were nicer than usual. You can't exactly be nasty during a fundraiser for Africa & Hurricane Katrina victims. Tonight, one person gets eliminated in the middle of this inspiring night of music. How does that, in any way, make sense? I don't know, Fox. You tell me. Since you insist we give as well as judge, I'll grade the idols on last night's performance.

Chris - Change The World - Better than last week. Nice improvement, I love the song & thought he did a good job with it. Grade: B

Melinda - There Will Come A Day - Another solid performance from Melinda. Not much else to say. You just come to expect it from her. Grade: A-

Blake - Imagine - I don't get what the judges liked about it. Though I like Blake, I love the song more & I had a hard time with it. So did he. Grade: B-

Lakisha - I Believe - Please, PLEASE, stop singing songs by former idols. I feel it's arrogant to try to take on Carrie & Fantasia 2 weeks in a row to show you're better. I'd almost rather see Sanjaya. Almost. Grade: C-

Phil - The Change - I think Phil does a nice job in this country genre though I think he was better last week. He can't win so he's doing the best he can. I'll give him credit. Grade: B

Jordin - You'll Never Walk Alone - Simon said it best. She took a 60-year-old song & made it sound like a hit record. I'm now rooting for her. Grade: A

Bottom 3 tonight? Lakisha, Phil, and ... this is tough to figure out ... Blake. I pray Lakisha goes home. I can't look or listen another week.

For more information on Idol Gives Back, visit the official page or their Myspace page.

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