Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dancing Without ... Heather Mills (4/24/07)

It should be said that Dancing With The Stars is more of a popularity contest than a dancing contest ... right, Emmit Smith? Last night, Heather Mills was told she would be dancing no more. It's not that her exit is a surprise, but my eyebrows are up a little that John Ratzenberger is still in this thing. Seriously? Poor Ian Ziering quickly has dropped from front-runner to middle of the pack. At least he's still above Billy Ray. It looks like this season is a race between 3 people: Apolo, Laila, and Joey. I love me some Apolo so I'll be rooting for him the whole season. I'm sure Heather wanted to prove that people with disabilites can do anything but she also wanted to prove that she's not the gold digging you-know-what the British tabloids make her out to be. I'll miss her back walkovers.

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