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A Reality Check With ... Kail Harbick (CBS's "Big Brother 8")

RC: Are you a fan of previous Big Brother seasons?
Kail: I watched BB since season 1 & have not missed a season since. I had a fascination since & kept watching it every year. I said, "I think I can do that. I would like to try that." I started to apply in season 5 and finally made it in season 8.

RC: Who are your favorite players of all time?
Kail: Lisa is one of my favorites and Jason.

RC: Did you feel that revealing that you are a business owner would hurt you in the game?
Kail: Yes, I did think there would be a lot of judgement being a multi-business owner. Evel already felt like I was a strong player, I don't know why. I didn't wanna field all the questions & talk about it all the time. I didn't wanna go there. If I was blessed to make it to final 2, I didn't want that held against me.

RC: Any opinion on Jen turning down half her winnings? She did say that she wasn't here for the money.
Kail: I think they think that she's quirky enough that they probably believe her. She is there just for the experience. It's not beyond her by any means.

RC: Your husband said you weren't yourself in the game. Was it hard to hide some of who you are for so long?
Kail: For the most part, I was myself. Maybe what he's talking about was that I didn't laugh as smile as much as I really do. That was for a couple reasons: I was homesick & I was on the block. And I was walking around eggshells around Evel.

RC: Do you feel someone like Evel Dick should be allowed to play the game the way he is?
Kail: He definitely robbed me from my experiene of having an enoyable time. I felt that he twisted all my words and basically, ruined me.

RC: What happened between Amber's outburst at Eric at the vote that turned things around and kept him in the house?
Kail: I don't know what happened, I would like to know what happened. I don't know what the thought was behind that. Dustin told me clear up to the live show that I had his vote. So, he lied.

RC: Do you think the housemates used your early alliance as a reason to get rid of you?
Kail: Yes, I do. That's correct. They all had alliances, they just called them their best friends.

RC: What was the hardest part of being in the BB8 house?
Kail: Eating slop and I was surprised by how homesick I really was. I don't know if that's because I had Evel always on me but that surprised me. I was always mad at myself, saying to myself to get over it. I am still thankful that I got to experience it.

RC: What's it been like since being out of the house?
Kail: They take you to a motel and you're still secluded and not in the world. I kind of feel like I'm still in the house so I haven't felt like I've left yet.

RC: Anxious to get home?
Kail: I'm kind of getting word back to me that there will be a lot of people at the airport and I'm looking forward to that. Being in the house, I don't know my days or times and haven't been on schedule. I think I'm gonna live life like that for a while.

A new episode of Big Brother airs tonight on CBS

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A Reality Check With ... Rocco DiSpirito (BRAVO's "Top Chef")

RealityCheckByGina chats with Rocco DiSpirito, tonight's special guest judge on Bravo's Top Chfef.

RC: When did your interest in cooking begin? Is it something that you were always passionate about?
Rocco: I started when I was 11, I wanted a summer job & a little more money in my pocket. I asked my mom for an increase, she told me to get a job. My job was in a pizzeria, I fell in love with the industry right away.

RC: Where did your training begin?

Rocco: When I was 14, I started working at a pretty serious restaurant. It wasn’t a 3 star restaurant but they were very serious & very busy so everyone needed to be on point. That was one of the most intense experiences of my life

RC: There are so many chefs out there. How do you separate yourself from the pack and get noticed?

Rocco: I think what’s interesting about any art or craft is that: if you have a point of view as a craftsman, you can become an artist. You start to discover that you’re feeling things innately. There’s a sincere point of view & it starts to come out if you free it instead of saying, “Well, it has to be like this.” If you go with your gut, all of a sudden, you stand out.

RC: What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Rocco: There have been a lot of highlights, epiphanies, and great moments: getting 3 stars from the NY Times, being on magazine covers & television. I never imagined I’d author a book. There are a lot of moments I’ve felt very fortunate for.

RC: You have done a reality show yourself before (NBC’s “The Restaurant”). How difficult is it to focus on what you’re doing when you have lights, sound, and cameras following your every move?
Rocco: It’s very difficult, I won’t say it was fine & easy. There were an enormous amount of challenges. I’m grateful for the experience. What’s interesting about Top Chef was that it’s very structured & my role was very defined. It’s fun to be part of something that was so different.

RC: Have you watched the previous seasons of Top Chef before?
Rocco: I’ve seen a few episodes, especially this season.

RC: What do you feel separates Top Chef as the superior cooking show?
Rocco: Well, I’m pretty sure in the ratings, it’s the number one cooking show. What makes it superior is the credibility that Tom lends to the show. Sure, there’s drama but the cooking is taken very seriously. There’s no need to amp it up. You look at the other cooking shows out there, and there tends to be a lot more drama than cooking.

RC: What is your involvement in this upcoming episode of Top Chef?
Rocco: It’s a supersized episode & I’ll be the guest judge. I’ll help with the quickfire challenge where they deal with frozen food. It’s very unexpected & surprising. When you mention frozen, most chefs go, “Ugh!” But that’s a reality for home cooks.

RC: What is next for you?

Rocco: I just finished my 4th book, Rocco’s Real Life Recipes, which is getting the home cook to find fresh food, cook it, and get it on the table. In real life, we don’t have any time but we want to eat well. It’s a shame when people order out five nights a week. It will be out in November.

Top Chef airs tonight at 10pm EST on BRAVO

A Reality Check With ... Alonzo Bodden (NBC's "Last Comic Standing")

RealityCheckByGina talks to Alonzo Bodden, the former winner of Last Comic Standing, and this season's judge.

RC: Where did your stand-up career begin and how old were you?
Alonzo: I started in L.A. and I didn't know you weren't supposed to start there. I did open mic nights anywhere I could - bowling alleys, coffee houses. I started late, I was 30. I used to fix airplanes ... before they started drug testing.

RC: What was the biggest struggle on your way to the top?
Alonzo: I don't know if there was a struggle because I always loved doing it but the hustle of it was trying to make a living. I was a truck driver for the Power Rangers, which was cool because I ended up doing monster voices. I installed televisions. I would take any gig.

RC: What was the experience like when you were a contestant on "Last Comic Standing"?
Alonzo: It's stressful. Imagine going to work and every Tuesday, someone's gettin' fired. I look back and see the enormity of it, though. I just focused on the room that night, otherwise you go crazy. I would just try to kill every time.

RC: What's the biggest perk of being the winner of season 3 & doing extremely well in season 2?
Alonzo: Besides the money? The money was great but I'd have to say becoming a household name. There's job security: the jobs come a lot easier. People recognize you, sometimes you get to go to the front of the line. Last week, I went to a motorcycle race in Monterey, CA and I got to sit in the Michael Jordan Hospitality Tent. That was pretty cool. I'm still waiting for my date with Halle Berry.

RC: What made you want to come back as a judge for season 5?
Alonzo: It was a great gig to be back on tv every week. We're all trying to make this season better than ours was. Working with Kathleen is great and Ant ... well, being Ant must be a 24 hour job. He cracks me up.

RC: You seem like the toughest judge to make laugh. What are you looking for in a good comic?
Alonzo: Well, I'm looking for someone who's funny, of course, and originality. I want someone who has a different take on things. It's hard to explain, some people just have it. Sometimes, there's good comics who choose the wrong material for auditions and it's such a mistake. I need someone who's sustainable, not the same jokes we've heard.

RC: This show is now on it's third host. What does Bill Bellamy offer that sets him apart?
Alonzo: Bill is phenomenal. He's so enthusiastic about the show. Jay Mohr was a smartass. I liked it but a lot of people didn't. Anthony Clark didn't seem too into it. The funniest thing Bill would do was tell the comics we cut, "I wanted you to make it!" Man, Bill, don't be blamin' it on us!

RC: Who are your comedic influences, past & present?
Alonzo: My all-time favorite is Bill Cosby. Now, I love Louis Black. The highest compliment I ever got was I got written up in Playboy as a modern George Carlin.

RC: You are someone who always gets out on the road. Where can your fans find you?
Alonzo: This month, I'll be in Ontario, Miami, and Omaha. My fans can always find my on my website & MySpace. My agent wears a furry hat & drives a Cadillac!

A new episode of Last Comic Standing airs tonight on NBC!

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Exciting Changes For Gina!

Hi everyone. I want to thank everyone who has been reading this site since it started earlier this year. I've been given the opportunity to write full-time for BuddyTV (BuddyTV ID: BuddyTVGina) & therefore, will not have the time to maintain my site as much as I once did. For those of you who enjoy the interviews with your favorite reality stars, you'll still be able to see them here & on RealityWanted! Check back each week to hear from contestants from: Big Brother, So You Think You Can Dance, Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef, Last Comic Standing, Age of Love, and more! I hope you'll stick with me & keep reading! I'm so grateful for all the opportunities I've been given & am very excited to embark on this new journey!


A Reality Check With ... Jen Yemola (FOX's "Hell's Kitchen")

On last night's Hell's Kitchen, Chef Gordon Ramsay got rid of Jen Yemola, leaving her out of the finals. Now, Bonnie Muirhead and Rock Harper are left to battle it out. A 26-year-old pastry chef from Pennsylvania, Jen became infamous for pulling pasta out of the garbage to serve to patrons during one dinner service. She bounced back and made it to the final 3. Jen is here with RealityCheckByGina to talk about her time in Hell.

RC: Have you always had an interest in cooking?
Jen: Oh my God, yeah! I started washing dishes when I was 14. I loved the excitement & I just moved up from there.

RC: What is your formal training?
Jen: I went to culinary school for 2 years & took some courses in pastry.

RC: Did you always want to be on Hell's Kitchen or is this something you did on a whim?
Jen: It's so weird. I wasn't anything in high school but I always knew I was going to be something someday. I watched Hell's Kitchen last season & just knew I belonged there. I had to be there. I feel so blessed, I had a goal & I accomplished it.

RC: What was the hardest part of being on a reality show?
Jen: The schedule! I had no idea how grueling it would be. You don't get any sleep, you're not eating properly and I just wasn't used to it.

RC: Did Chef Ramsay intimated you with his screaming & swearing?
Jen: No, it's just words. I was never worried. It was just motivation to keep going.

RC: Are you surprised Bonnie & Rock are the final 2?
Jen: I'm not gonna lie, I am surprised. They have their reasons for choosing them though. Maybe I didn't have something they were looking for.

RC: Chef Ramsay was extremely complimentary to both you & Julia when you were eliminated. That had to feel good to go out that way.
Jen: He was so good to me! There were times I felt like he hated me. He knew I had a love for food. He was great.

RC: What was your proudest moment on the show?
Jen: Last night's episode when I won the challenge unanimously. I was so nervous! Last night was my favorite episode.

RC: You got a nice shopping spree as a prize for winning that challenge. Did you go nuts in the store?
Jen: I did! They didn't show it but the first thing I did was buy Bonnie & Rock a set of knives each. I bought tons of cake pans. I had so much fun!

RC: Do you think you'll get away from being "the girl who picked pasta out of the trash to serve"?
Jen: You know, I think I have. I was really remorseful for that. A lot of people didn't recognize their mistakes when they were on the show. I felt huge pressure, he wanted it now, but I'm not going to make excuses. I don't want people to associate bad food with me. I still feel crappy about it.

RC: What was the most shocking elimination to you?
Jen: I think when Brad got voted off. I was shocked, he was really good. I love Bonnie but I was really shocked.

RC: What's next for Jen?
Jen: I want to start my own business doing cake design for weddings & events. I still have a lot to accomplish. I have goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Watch the final two battle it out on Hell's Kitchen next Monday at 9pm EST on FOX

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Hell's Kitchen: From Three To The Final Two (7/30/07)

At last week’s surprising nomination ceremony, Bonnie put up Rock & Julia. Chef Ramsay chose Julia to leave Hell’s Kitchen but promised to personally send her to culinary school. No one expected Julia to leave and everyone takes the news hard. There are tears all around – even from Rock!

It’s time for the chefs to dry their tears because a challenge is coming their way. He brought his mom for this special challenge. For tonight’s challenge, they’ll have to take comfort food and turn it into fine dining. Bonnie is given franks & beans, Jen chooses fried chicken, and Rock must do a take on spaghetti & meatballs. Their mothers are brought in as surprise judges and without knowing whose dish they tasted, Jen’s dish was unanimously chosen as the favorite. For her prize, Jen & her mom get a meal with Chef Ramsay & his mom.

At dinner service, each chef must take a turn running the kitchen. Before they start cooking, the chefs take a turn going through a quick training in being assertive. Apparently, swearing makes you assertive. The sous chefs are sent in at service to fill the gaps and must purposely mess up to see if the contestants catch it. Jen misses her first quality control test but quickly catches on, picking up on other mistakes.

Rock passes Chef Ramsay’s quality control test but does not do well with time management. With half the restaurant left to be fed, Bonnie steps up to the quality control challenge. She does well maintaining the standards while Jen screws up by overcooking the risotto. However, they manage to finish dinner service and now, Chef Ramsay has the tough task of eliminating someone, thereby choosing the final two.

Chef Ramsay is faced with a tough decision and first, chooses Rock to go to the finals. He chooses Jen to leave Hell’s Kitchen, moving Bonnie into the finals along with Rock. Chef Ramsay commends Jen on a job well done and sends her on her way. Who will win Hell’s Kitchen? Find out next Monday at 9pm EST on FOX.

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"Pirate Master" Contestant Found Dead

Pirate Master cast member Cheryl Kosewicz was found dead in her home this past Friday from an apparent suicide. According to KOLO-TV in Reno, NV, the death is still under investigation but cast members have stated on various websites that it was suicide. Cheryl had been troubled by the death of her boyfriend two months ago and was upset over the cancellation of Pirate Master. She was the fourth person eliminated on the show. Her interview, following her departure from the show, can be found HERE. A funeral service is schedule for tomorrow in her home state of Nevada. People may leave condolences for the family at:

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Big Brother 8: An In-Jen-ius Nomination (7/29/07)

Dick is convinced that Jen went against him, attempting to vote out Kail. Actually, it was Eric but as America's Player, he has to keep that under wraps. Nick and Amber speculate that it was Jessica who went against the house. Amber really thinks it's Nick. Paranoia is spreading throughout the house. Lucky for Eric, his name hasn't been mentioned once. Dick decides it must have been Nick and is now gunning for him.

As Head Of Household, Dustin is after Jen, Kail, Zach, and Nick. Amber is so excited for Dustin and, not surprisingly, can't contain her emotions about it. In his HOH room, Dustin is so happy to see all his pictures of his family and receives a letter from his brother. Dustin breaks down and he very much misses his family. It must be hard for their families to see them on tv but for them not to see their families and be so out of touch with the rest of the world.

At dinner, Dick and Amber get into a huge fight because Amber says that her dog is like her child. Amber continuously says, "Love is love" and defends herself while Dick won't drop it. He continues his reign of terror in the house by playing practical jokes in the middle of the night. Also running against Dick in the unpopularity contest is Zach, who doesn't appear to have many fans in the house. Daniele sums it up by saying: "I would rather eat slop for a month than have to sit with Zach for an hour." Ouch.

When Dick tries once again to talk things out with Daniele, it doesn't go well. Daniele is frustrated and emotional and doesn't feel like being in the house is worth it anymore. She doesn't want someone putting her down and his words over the years have really damaged her. Dick goes back and forth between trying to be understanding and getting very defensive. He ends the conversation, consoling her and vowing that things will never go back to the way they are.

It's time for the food competition and of course, everyone is looking to steer clear of slop. The houseguests partner up and while some are happy with their partnerships (i.e. Jen & Amber, Nick & Daniele), some are less than thrilled (i.e. Dick & Kail, Eric & Zach). Partners must find pieces of a puzzle to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Jameka & Jessica, partners, have been on slop for 2 weeks and look to finally have some real food. They end up winning and couldn't be more excited.

As the winners, Jameka & Jessica must choose five people to put on slop for the rest of the week. Dick was chosen first, since he hasn't been on slop before. They put Zach on slop next and then Kail, Nick, and Jen. Jen is actually happy to be on slop because it will help control her indulgence in food and perhaps she'll shed a few pounds. That's a new way to look at it!

Kail goes to Dustin, asking to be put on the block as a pawn to get someone else out of the house. She's fully aware it could backfire but she takes that risk. When Jen goes running to Dustin in order to save herself, he calls her out, thinking that she was the one who voted for Kail. She at least gets him thinking of putting up Zach.

Let's check in with America's Player, Eric, to see what he has to pull tonight. He needs to try to get Jen nominated for eviction, which he's happy about. Dustin tries to figure out who he should put up: Jen, Nick, or Kail. Everyone is on board for Nick & Kail but Eric keeps pushing for Jen. At the nomination ceremy, Eric gets his wish as Jen & Kail are nominated for eviction. Both are worried but it seems only Kail needs to be, as Dustin lets us know Kail is no pawn. She's the one the house wants out.

Who will win Power of Veto? And who will leave the Big Brother house? Find out this week on Big Brother 8 on CBS.

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A Reality Check With ... Mike Dutz (CBS's "Big Brother 8")

Mike Dutz is a 26-year-old painting contractor from Wisconsin and became the 3rd houseguest evicted from the Big Brother House in last night's live episode. His alliance to Kail and his refusal to be anything other than himself cost him the game. Mike takes time to talk to RealityCheckByGina about "the dumbest move in Big Brother history" & the Mrs. Robinson Alliance.

RC: Were you a fan of previous seasons of Big Brother? Who were your favorite players?
Mike: Yeah, the first season I watched was season 6. In season 6 which led right into All-Stars, my favorite players were Janelle & Kaysar.

RC: What made you want to participate in Big Brother 8?
Mike: I thought it would be a very unique challenge. Being that I am the person that I am & holding the values that I do, I thought it would be an awesome reward to go through the game without manipulating & lying.

RC: In the exit tapes last night, Dustin said he really didn’t know you. Can you tell us a little more about yourself?
Mike: I’m a guy who’s very intellectual. I like to have conversation that have depth & meaning to them. I like to talk about politics, religion, science, math, history – the boring stuff that people don’t talk about. That’s why it was hard with some of the people in the house. They watned to scheme or talk strategy

RC: In the first episode, when host Julie Chen mentioned there would be rivals, did you think perhaps you could have one in the house?
Mike: I knew 100% there wouldn’t be a rival showing up.

RC: Did you feel it threw off the game to have people in the house with such animosity towards each other?
Mike: Yeah, it threw off the game. The strategy I had coming into the game was immediately thrown off when people had a history together. I had to take a different approach.

RC: What made you decide to align yourself with Kail so quickly?
Mike: The reason why was more pressure than anything. She became HOH the first week, sought me out, and asked me to be in an alliance with her. I felt pressure to do so because if I didn’t, she’d view me as a threat. It was an effort to save myself but it just so happened to work out where we align ourselves with the same values. It wasn’t my immediate choice.

RC: How soon after the “Mrs. Robinson Alliance” was formed did you realize it wasn’t going to work out?
Mike: It was probably sometime in week 2. The communication levels were dropping immensely. I started having trust issues with Nick. I thought he was playing both sides. There were some occurrences I’d ask Nick a question & I’d get a different response than what was told to me by another person. The other person was Jen & I don’t think she had any reason to lie. The trust factor was getting real low. Nick never talked to Kail so she felt out of the loop. The paranoia took over and communication broke down.

RC: Julie told you last night your move to get Dick out of the POV competition has been called the dumbest in Big Brother history. How do you respond to that?
Mike: I think people are overreacting in that aspect. I think the dumbest move would have been compromising my own character & hiding behind the shadows of others, floating through. I took the opportunity to show my values in that I was a man true to my word in hopes that people would truly see what I was doing.

RC: Why do people go along with Dick’s every move despite how confrontational & argumentative he can be?
Mike: I’m not exactly sure why people are going along with it. It might coincidental because he was HOH in the third week so people went along with it. He flies off the handle pretty easily. Nobody wants outbursts or to feel uncomfortable. I think it was a matter of the scenario at hand.

RC: Were you surprised to learn that Eric is America’s Player & must do everything they say? Do you think that could be his demise?
Mike: I was really surprised. I certainly wouldn’t have found that out until later on in the game when the votes couldn’t be hidden as easily. Thinking back, Eric was acting peculiar. I think it very well could be his demise. If anything were to make him crumble, that would be it.

RC: Who is the best player in the house right now? Who’s got the most game?
Mike: Honestly, going back to Eric, I think he has the most potential in the house. He has everyone from all sides liking him. He has that in his favor where I don’t think anyone would really consider putting him on the block.

RC: What’s in the future for you now that you’re out of the Big Brother house?
Mike: I’ll be going back to everyday life before the Big Brother house. If some opportunity comes along & sweeps me off my feet, I’ll consider that.

The next episode of Big Brother airs Sunday night on CBS

A Reality Check With ... Jaimie Goodwin & Kameron Bink (FOX's "So You Think You Can Dance")

On last night's "So You Think You Can Dance", America chose to eliminate contemporary dancers Jaimie Goodwin & Kameron Bink. Jaimie was no stranger to the bottom group, having landed there before but Kameron was a first-timers. Along with Lauren & Dominic, the bottom 4 danced solos but their fate had already been decided by America. Jaimie & Kameron have made the tour and are here with RealityCheckByGina to talk about their time on the show.

RC: What is your dance training & background?
Jaimie: I have been doing ballet, tap, & jazz since I was 7. When I was 12, I went into lyrics & pointe work as well as musical theater & contemporary. I did flamenco, too!
Kameron: My sister started dancing & I wanted to do it too. I started off in acrobatics & tap, actually, when I was six. I got into jazz, ballet, and more recently, I’ve been concentrating on contemporary & hip-hop. I grew up in a dance studio until I was 16

RC: Jaimie, Hok was so apologetic, feeling that he was responsible for you landing in the bottom 3 a few times. What is your response to that?
Jaimie: My response to Hok is, I tell him this all the time: He takes so much responsibility but it takes two in a partnership. If he messed up, it wouldn’t have put us in the bottom 3 just because of him. My fans slacked off & his did, too! I’m totally kidding. It’s not like he was responsible, though.

RC: Kameron, you’ve never been in the bottom before. What was that like for you?
Kameron: It was definitely a new experience. I didn’t realize how much pressure I was feeling. I knew that the solos wouldn’t make a difference on the outcome but, for some reason, I still had nerves going out there. I knew I was on a national stage at that point & it was very nervewracking but it was exciting, too.

RC: Were you proud of the solos you performed last night?
Jaimie: I feel that I was happy with it. I mean, it’s always different on stage than you feel in rehearsal. We all feel really confident in rehearsal. There’s so much adrenaline that you do things you never thoughts you’d do. I think it’s important to always be happy with what you did & you shouldn’t regret anything.
Kameron: I really wasn’t completely prepared to do my solo last night. I’m really happy how far I’ve come in the competition so I make no apologies.

RC: Kameron, set the record straight. Is there a romance between you & Lacey?
Kameron: There is no romance! We had a little bit of chemistry on stage & when you’re with your partner 24/7, you’re going to naturally have chemistry together. When it is put out on stage, people like to play with things they see or hear or think they see & hear. No, there is no real romance. I had a showmance.

RC: Jaimie, I heard from some of the other dancers that everyone got really competitive when it got down to the top 14 and 12. Did you notice a change in the atmosphere?
Jaimie: I honestly didn’t feel a change. I was very close with the top five girls & we were really close & relaxed. Once we got to top 10, I felt like there was less competition. We all said to each other that we were so satisfied once we had made top 10.

RC: What does the future hold for both of you?
Jaimie: I fell in love with California the last few months but my original plan was to move to New York. I would love to be in a company for contemporary. I mainly found the ones I’m interested in out in New York & Chicago. I do love California, though. I’m hoping to be able to hit all those bases.
Kameron: Obviously for the next few months, we’ll be on tour. After seeing the country, I want to move out here to L.A. to see what opportunities are here in the commercial dance world. I want to see where things take me & do what I love to do.

So You Think You Can Dance airs Wednesdays & Thursdays on FOX

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So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 10 (7/25/07)

Here they are, America, your top 10 dancers. You helped put them there & they’ll be heading out on a nationwide tour this fall. Tonight’s dancers are judged by Nigel, Mary, and contemporary dancer Mia Michaels. It’s out of their hands though and from here on out, America calls the shots. You no longer vote for couples, each dancer is judged individually.

The top 10 will now be voted for individually by America but will choose new partners each week to dance with. Here’s how it all went down:

Lauren/Pasha – Hip Hop choreographed by Shane Sparks (“Fuego” by Pitbull): Nigel thought the routine was great, Mary thought it was a great partnership, and Mia is impressed by Pasha & feels Lauren is blowin up!

Sabra/Kameron – Contemporary choreographed by Tyce Diorio (“Amazing Grace” by Crystal Lewis): Nigel said it was well danced but didn’t believe Kameron’s emotion, Mary agrees with Nigel, not seeing the magic. Mia says Kameron has been exposed tonight as an immature dancer and says Sabra is full of grace.

Lacey/Danny – Samba choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin (“Hip Hip Chin Chin” by Club Des Belugas): Nigel thought Lacey didn’t connect with Danny as well as she could have. Mary doesn’t think it was her favorite of Danny’s performances but says Lacey was fabulous and Mia calls it the sexiest dance this season.

Jaimie/Dominic – Viennese Waltz choreographed by Toni Redpath (“Man of La Mancha” by Linda Eder): Nigel feels it’s the first time he’s been disappointed with Dominic, May called it over the top and said the technique wasn’t very good. Mia tells Dominic to stop apologizing to Jaimie for one bad week because he’s been great throughout.

Sara/Neil – Disco choreographed by Doriana Sanchez (“Knock On Wood” by Rachel Stevens): Nigel said, “When it’s like that, I love disco.” Mary said it was lots of fun & Mia calls them dorks (in a good way) and said she loved it.

The top 10 also dance the same piece choreographed by Wade Robson. Each contestant performs to John Mayer’s “Waiting On The World To Change” which means we had to hear it 10 times. Not sure that worked but never the less…

To vote for Jaimie, call 1-888-TEMPO-01
To vote for Dominic, call 1-888-TEMPO-02
To vote for Sara, call 1-888-TEMPO-03
To vote for Pasha, call 1-888-TEMPO-04
To vote for Lauren, call 1-888-TEMPO-05
To vote for Neil, call 1-888-TEMPO-06
To vote for Sabra, call 1-888-TEMPO-07
To vote for Kameron, call 1-888-TEMPO-08
To vote for Lacey, call 1-888-TEMPO-09
To vote for Danny, call 1-888-TEMPO-10

Get to voting then find out who’s going home on tomorrow night’s live episode of So You Think You Can Dance on FOX

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Big Brother 8: Dick's On A Power Trip (7/24/07)

Dick continues his vendetta against Kail & Jen continues as he vows to get one of them out of the house, preferably Kail. She tries her best to start thinking up a game plan to save herself but it might be a long shot. The two nominees plot together to stay in the house but Kail feels like Dick will get his way. She doesn’t want any of her former alliance members competing in the Power of Veto competition but Mike swears that, if he wins, he’ll take one of them off the block.

Let’s check in with Eric, America’s Player, to see what his next assignment will be. His next task is to vandalize the property of Jen. He executes this by putting mustard all over one of her “Jen” shirts when she steps outside for a minute. Jen’s reaction was the following: “It was just like, kinda like, Are you serious? Like…” Like. Jen overlooks Eric & immediately goes for Dick & Daniele as the culprits.

Before the Power of Veto competition, players must be selected. Besides Dick, Kail, and Jen competing, Zach, Nick, and Jessica will also play. This is Kail’s worst nightmare & Dick continues to stir the pot by getting inside her head before the game. Suddenly, the competitors are wearing silly Mad Hatter outfits & the backyard has been set up like a tea party. The houseguests must stand on a pedestal with a glass balanced on their hat. Whoever lasts the longest, wins.

Kail goes out first and it looks like her chances are staying in the house are gone. The houseguests not competing get to come out in ridiculous outfits to try to distract the others. Jessica, not being able to control her laughter, goes out next. She is followed by Nick & Zach. The last two standing are Jen & Dick, who tries to convince Jen to step down but she won’t hear of it. Dustin jumps in to distract her by putting on the unitard & dancing around. Kail notes that everyone works to get rid of Jen while only Mike goes after Dick.
Mike steps up with his loyalty to Kail by helping her get Dick off the pedestal. Dick responds by threatening to put Mike up and Mike rattles his cage so much that he actually steps down! The day does not continue to go Dick’s way as he finds out Zach, Nick, and Jen were in the HOH room without his permission. He doesn’t want Jen in the room & he flips on Nick for letting her in. Dick gets paranoid thinking Nick was in an alliance with Jen & Zach, talking game in his room.

Dick confronts Nick who swears he’s not in any alliance. The only alliance he has is with Daniele because he likes her so much. Daniele pulls Dick aside to tell him that he’s pissing everyone in the house off by going on a power trip & talking down to everyone. Dick calls her out because her relationship with Nick is complicating the game. Nick has gotten in the way enough that makes Dick want to maybe get rid of him now. Hear that? Hope for Kail!

At the veto meeting, Jen (of course) uses the Power of Veto on herself. This leaves Dick to choose a new nominee, and he chooses Mike, sticking to his original plan. Who will go home? And who will America ask Eric to try to get eliminated? Find out on Thursday’s all new episode of Big Brother 8 on CBS!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Reality Check With ... Brad Miller (FOX's "Hell's Kitchen")

25-year-old Brad Miller is the latest casualty on FOX's Hell's Kitchen. A sous chef from Arizona, he was let go by Chef Gordon Ramsay for working with "back and not his brain". Brad takes time to talk with RealityCheckByGina, responding to Ramsay's comments & letting you know why he should have won Hell's Kitchen.

RC: Can you tell us a little bit about your cooking background?
Brad: My whole life, my dad owned a butcher shop. I’ve been working with him since I was a little kid until I was 15. In high school, I took a home ec/cooking class. After that, I moved to Scottsdale, AZ and worked there for 2 years. My friends & I started a catering company. I had an internship at a place called Michael’s Catering. I worked in a fine dining restaurant for a while. From there, I went to work in Seattle & worked there for a while. Then, I went to The Latilla at The Boulders – the only 5 star, 5 diamond hotel in Arizona.

RC: There are so many cooking shows out there. What made you choose Hell’s Kitchen?
Brad: I was going out to L.A. to apply for Top Chef because I felt that was more suited for me. Everyone kept saying, “Do Hell’s Kitchen!” And I was like, “That’s the last thing I wanna do.” I didn’t want someone yelling at me. I knew about it but I had never watched it. They were saying, “You can win this!” So I decided to try out for it.

RC: What were you unprepared for once you started the show? Brad: I wasn’t really ready for the whole tv show aspect of it. I was thinking that this would be more of a true cooking competition & I was going to win. Fine dining is my specialty, I’m all about that.

RC: Were you cut off from the rest of the world while you were filming?
Brad: There was no tv, no clocks, no alarms, no phone, no nothing. No family and no friends.

RC: How do remain calm in a constantly stressful environment?
Brad: I don’t let things get to me. It was a month & a half. You’re on a tv show, you’re having fun, don’t complain about it. People would kill for this chance.

RC: How would you rate yourself against the competition?
Brad: No disrespect to any of them but my cooking & my knowledge is far superior to any of them … at least, this season.

RC: Just when it looked like Josh was going to be put up for elimination, he & Roc turn around, putting you up. How surprised were you?
Brad: It was very surprising! I felt that it was really weird because Josh was saying he wasn’t gonna go because he’s been up there so many times. Roc was saying he wasn’t gonna go because he didn’t deserve it. I was thinking, “What did I do? I made a menu when you were guys were too lazy to do it!” Maybe I should’ve been a little nicer.

RC: Why do you think Bonnie ended up staying? Brad: As soon as I found out Bonnie was up against me, I knew I was going to go. I know enough about tv. That’s all I’m going to say about it.

RC: Gordon said you work with your back & not your brain. How do you respond to that?
Brad: Well I saw at the end of the episode that he said that. That didn’t make any sense whatsoever. When you look back and watch the episodes, I really didn’t do anything wrong. So I was surprised I got kicked off. A lot of people on the forums were saying, “That didn’t make any sense!” I’m the one who wrote the menu, I’m the one who told people how to do things so I really didn’t understand that comment.

RC: What does the future look like for you?
Brad: I’ve had a lot of really great offers. They did show me in a positive life. I took a month off of work, they’re really cool, letting me take time. I go back August 1st. I’ve been taking it easy, hanging out, partying a little too much with friends. I have a
MySpace where fans can write to me & I'll answer them.

A new episode of Hell's Kitchen airs Monday night at 9pm EST on FOX

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Big Brother 8: America's Player Accomplishes His Mission (7/22/07)

The house is full of mixed emotions as Dick became Head of Household on the last episode of Big Brother 8. This spells trouble for people like Kail & Jen while keeping others like Amber & Daniele safe. Kail put herself in the line of fire by being the only vote on Thursday to evict Dick. Her alliance betrayed her, leaving her all alone & emotional.

Kail gives up her alliance to Dick, in hopes to save herself. He calls her “retarded” for trusting people she doesn’t even know and says she’s not a “smart player”. She therefore feels that she isn’t a threat but Dick’s nominations for Jen & Kail are pretty set. However, he’s thinking of flipping to Zach for his shady dealings in the house.

Boredom in the house leads to a wrestling match between Eric & Jen. Place your bets. Eric slams Jen on the ground … more than once. Jen evokes a little a revenge by hittin’ some sensitive spots! Jen was declared the winner … Jen-ius! The guys, meanwhile, make a list of celebrities they think are hot. Nick says he’d do Ryan Reynolds (from “Van Wilder”) which freaks Zach & Dick out a little. Nick’s got a top 5 list of guys & girls. Also on his list, for those interested: Matthew McConaghey, Hugh Jackman, and Brad Pitt.

Dick & Daniele meet up in the hammock for a heart to heart. She’s upset over Nick’s feelings for her because it puts her in an uncomfortable situation. Her boyfriend is the only one who has been there for her the last 2 years & she doesn’t want to jeopardize that. Dick provides an ear & a shoulder to cry on. He is quite fatherly at this moment to her.

Jameka is looking to get off slop. She is so miserable eating it that Amber is brought to tears – for the second time this episode! While she drools over the food that the others eat, Dick says he feels like he’s eating a hamburger in front of starving Africans. Jameka takes offense & stands up for herself, feeling the pressure of trying to represent her race well.

At the food challenge, the houseguests take a ride down a slide into a giant bowl of pasta in pairs. They had to find giant meatballs with food written on it that matched. They had to make the most pairs they could in 5 minutes because whatever they matched is all they could eat for the week. Beer, cucumbers, lobster, chips, cereal, & sweet breads were just a few of the foods they would get to enjoy.

Eric’s assignment this week as America’s Player is to try to get Jen nominated. Dick seems set now on Kail & Zach but Eric uses his power of persuasion to try to change his mind. At the nomination ceremony, Jameka is called out as being safe first followed by Jessica & Amber. Eric is the next to receive a key as well as Daniele, Dustin, Nick, Zach, and Mike. No surprises there: Kail & Jen are up for eviction this week.

Who will go home? But first, who will win the Power of Veto? Find out on Tuesday’s all new episode of Big Brother 8 on CBS.