Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Reality Check With ... Lauren Bryant (NBC's "Age Of Love")

27 year old Lauren Bryant is a lighting consultant from Studio City, CA. She loves to win and is always trying to improve herself; in fact, she once traveled in Cost Rica all alone for a month! One of her favorite things to do is indoor rock climbing so a potential mate would also have be into adventurous activities. Age doesn't really matter to her. Sometimes, she dates men who are 17 years older then herself. Lauren was eliminated on Monday's episode of Age of Love but she's got her sights set on bigger things.

RC: How would you describe yourself?
Lauren: I would describe myself as a very well rounded young lady. I’m silly, I like to go out with my friends, I like to travel… I really like to try new things.

RC: What made you want to do “Age of Love”?
Lauren: There were multiple reasons. I just came out here to California. I drove across the country from CT. I wanted to get my feet wet in entertainment industry. One of the many things I submitted myself to was this show. They made the guy seem like he was a really nice, interesting person we’d want to meet.

RC: So your goal is to get into acting?

Lauren: I want to get into commercials. I’m looking for a commercial agent and taking some classes. That’s what I’m focused on.

RC: How did you feel when you found out you would be competing against a group of women in their 40s?
Lauren: It really wasn’t such an issue. I can be competitive person but I’ve gotta be given a good reason, otherwise it’s not worth it. It didn’t really occur to me that there would be a problem.
RC: Did you feel bad the Cougars were deceived into thinking they were the only ones there to compete for Mark’s heart?
Lauren: We didn’t know either. Neither group knew that there was another group but I felt like they should’ve had an inclination. He’s 30 & they’re in their 40s. He has always dated younger women so they probably should have been a little afraid.

RC: What can a 20 offer over a 40?
Lauren: I think just a positive, fresh attitude. You know, the more you live your life, the more jaded you become. You have more baggage. Having youth on our side, we’re able to see things for the first time in a fresh new light. It’s like when you’re a kid & you do something for the first time & it’s amazing! I’m not saying the other ladies didn’t have that but most of them had already been married & it’s not as exciting the second time around. He’s looking to start a family and there’s something to be said for doing it the first time around.

RC: Did you think that the 20 year olds were portrayed accurately?
Lauren: I would say there was a bit of editing. I haven’t played with a hula hoop … I can’t even tell you! I was one of the girls who was hula hooping but it’s not something I would do on a Saturday night.

RC: What was your first impression of Mark?
Lauren: We all really loved the video of Mark. He came across as really sincere. When I met him the first time at the pool, quick introduction, he seemed like a nice guy.

RC: If you could choose, what age group do you think Mark should be dating?
Lauren: That’s a hard question because I don’t know the 40 year olds. I know the 20 year olds have a lot going for them. I can think of one girl in particular who’s in school, who has a career, a house of her own, all of these ambitions & dreams. Just because she’s young doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a plan for your life. I would say the 20 year olds have a lot to offer. We are new, we are young. The 40 year olds had their chance to have a plan & live their life.

RC: Did it hurt when Mark said he couldn’t feel a romantic connection with you?
Lauren: Oh absolutely not! In this instance, I did not take it personally & I wasn’t surprised. There just wasn’t that spark.

RC: What kind of guy would you normally go for?
Lauren: Well … let’s see … you know, it’s hard for me to pick a specific type of guy. I like a nice guy who doesn’t wanna play around. I don’t want a whole song & dance. I want someone who wants to spend time with me, do things, add to my life. I’m looking for someone to have a mutual exchange with … someone who’s going to bring me up & vice versa.

RC: What was the reaction like from your family & friends?
Lauren: Well, let’s just say that everyone was not happy. My personality did not come across – time didn’t allow to show everything & it wasn’t part of the story. I had a lot of fun while I was there for the week & it just wasn’t shown. I’m very bubbly & always trying to make everyone feel good, and it just didn’t come across.

RC: Are you glad you got out before the drama ensued?
Lauren: You better believe it! I’m happy for the time I had there, it was a good experience, but I’m glad that I did get out when I did. Editing’s a bitch, let’s just say that.

A new episode of Age of Love airs Monday night on NBC at 9pm EST

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Lisa said...

I'm routin' for the 40 year olds! I think it would be nice to see Mark with someone other than the typical hot, young chick. Go cougars!