Monday, June 25, 2007

Hell's Kitchen: He's Gone As Far As He Can Go (6/25/07)

Jen kicks off tonight’s episode still reeling from her awful decision to pull food out of the garbage to serve to customers. Vinnie shows no sensitivity, telling Jen that he would never hire her in the kitchen & she’ll always be known as the girl who pulled food out of the garbage. He’s right – she’s definitely THAT girl for the remainder of the show. Chef Ramsay feels no one pushes their palette so he’s got the perfect challenge for them: a taste test. Each chef must identify 3 different foods. The team with the most correct answers wins. The strange part of the competition is that Chef Ramsay feeds each of the chefs by hand. Creepy.

Julia gets the team off to a strong start, identifying 2 of her 3 ingredients. Brad struggles, unable to identify american cheese or carrots & Melissa can’t identify hard boiled egg yolk. Neither Bonnie nor Josh can identify scallops but Bonnie pulls her team ahead, knowing the flavors of bok choy & pear. The last pair to face off are Jen & Vinnie. Vinnie will need to identify all 3 & Jen will have to miss all 3 in order for the men to pull off their first victory challenge. Unable to identify tuna, Vinnie costs the blue team the challenge.

Once again, the men suffer another loss & must prep both kitchens for dinner service. That’s not the worst part, though. Chef Ramsay feels that since their palette needs work, they should eat everything on a platter he sets before them containing beef liver, tongue, pig’s feet, & kidneys. The men feel that Bonnie cheated, since she said multiple times during the challenge that she could hear Chef Ramsay. When confronted, she denies it & calls the blue team out for making excuses.

The women, for their prize, receive a unique dining experience with Chef Ramsay, eating in the complete darkness. Bonnie takes the opportunity to flirt with Chef, perhaps giving credibility to the men’s conspiracy theories about her. Meanwhile, the men struggle to get their food on their plates down. Once done with part 1 of their punishment, the blue team begins part 2: prepping & working through exhaustion (and stomachaches). Tonight’s customers in Hell’s Kitchen will hand in comment cards, ultimately deciding the winner.

The blue team immediately gets off to a weak start, unable to cook risotto properly. Julia overcooks her scallops, slowing down the red kitchen. Perhaps worse than doing things wrong, is doing nothing at all. Josh has nothing going on in his station, his burners are literally off. Rock steps up & gets his appetizers out to customers, moving the blue team on to entrees. However, Bonnie & Vinnie struggle with the meats for their entrées & once again, the kitchens are at a standstill. Too many dishes sent back by the customers forces Chef Ramsay to shut down the restaurant for the evening, making sure to smash a plate of food on the ground before throwing everyone out.

The customers’ comments were so bad, he couldn’t declare a winner. Over 65% of them said they wouldn’t come back because it took too long for service though a majority of them enjoyed the food they were served. Jen & Rock must each choose someone from their respective teams to put up for elimination. Rock puts up Josh, saying he’s not an asset to the team while Jen puts up Melissa, saying she didn’t see her leadership. Chef Ramsay is disappointed & decides to overrule the nominations. He instead puts up Bonnie & Vinnie as the worst performers of the night. Vinnie is sent packing by Chef Ramsay, who says he can’t get him any further.

I’ll be talking to Vinnie tomorrow about his time in Hell’s Kitchen – make sure you check back to hear what he has to say!

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