Monday, April 16, 2007

A Reality Check With ... Alexis from ABC's "The Bachelor" (4/16/07)

We check in with Alexis, the 26 year old attorney from Southlake, TX who did not receive a rose on last week’s episode of ABC’s “The Bachelor”.

RC: On paper, it doesn’t seem like a home-schooled virgin would be too interested in being on “The Bachelor”. What made you want to do the show?
A: Everyone always thinks that there is a certain type of girl who goes on the show but everyone was apprehensive. These girls don’t need to go on tv to get a date. We all did it for fun & to meet this great guy!

RC: By the 2nd episode, though, some girls already seemed to be emotionally invested. They acted jealous, spoke of getting married, said he was theirs. Can it feel real in such a short amount of time?
A: It didn’t feel REALLY real. It feels just like you have a crush on Jude Law. I don’t think everyone was personally invested in it at that point, no one was catty about it.

RC: So we can assume you weren’t too disappointed after the rose ceremony?
A: Oh no, not at all. They show me saying, “Of COURSE I’m disappointed!” but the question I was asked was, “Weren’t you disappointed AT ALL?”

RC: You got some 1-on-1 time with him while a few others didn’t who made it through. Did that bother you because it seemed like Andy understood you?
A: We all got time to talk to him & I actually didn’t talk to him until the very end of the night right before the rose ceremony. After, I went & sat with Amanda and said, “We did not have a connection. I think I’m going home tonight.”

RC: Many girls seemed to go to extreme measures to get Andy’s attention (backflips, singing, etc). Were they encouraged to do that or did they decide to do that on their own?
A: Whether or not they’re encouraged, that’s up to each individual girl. No one forces anyone to do anything although maybe there was some peer pressure. I made it a personal choice not to act like that. I’m not going to TRY to get his attention. He’s a 30 year old man, if he wants to talk to me, he can come up to me.

RC: Did you make friends there or were you not there enough time to establish personal connections?
A: I definitely made friends! We were together 24/7. They were super nice girls. I am good friends with: Amber, Peyton, Erin, Tiffany W. and Stephanie from Kansas.

RC: Who do you think would be a good match for Andy?
A: Amber or Bevin would be a good match so I’m rooting for them!

RC: What’s on the agenda for you now?
A: Just back to normal life for me.

Thanks to Alexis for talking with RealityCheck!
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