Wednesday, April 18, 2007

American Idol: The Lucky Seven (4/17/07)

The show opens with a somber moment as Ryan, on behalf of Idol, expresses his condolences to the people of Virginia Tech. It was a quick, but nice, moment & I’m glad they acknowledged the tragedy that took place yesterday. Certainly, my heart goes out to everyone affected and I’m sure yours does as well. To remember & honor the victims of April 16, Virginia Tech has established the Holyoke Spirit Memorial Fund to aid in the healing process & generate financial support. Please visit & help if you can.

American Idol turns to country music tonight with Martina McBride as the mentor. I read in
AOL interview with Haley that the contestants only get about 10 minutes with the mentor. I assumed they got more time … how much can you accomplish in 10 minutes? Country music has been good to previous Idol contestants but I’m not sure this is the right genre for this group. We’ll see…

Phil – “Where The Black Top Ends” – I don’t know what it is with Phil. I like the guy’s voice but not the guy. If I close my eyes, I’m alright with it. This was his best performance to date & country music really seems to be his thing. But enough to save him? I don’t know. Judges give an all-around thumbs up.

Jordin – “A Broken Wing” – Jordin turns out another great performance! I really underestimated her in the beginning but she has grown so much over the last 10 weeks. She has marketability written all over her. I’m calling her to go Final 2 and regardless of the outcome, she’ll get a record deal. The judges loved it … of course.

Sanjaya – “Somethin To Talk About” – Sanjaya is LITERALLY killing me. I died a little tonight. I was actually defending the guy in my radio interview last week but he was awful tonight. One word: RIDICULOUS … the hair, the outfit, the song, the performance, everything. I’ve had enough. Simon calls it “utterly horrendous”.

Lakisha – “Jesus Take The Wheel” – It was surprising that she chose a Carrie Underwood song and I don’t think it was a wise choice. She sounded pitchy & it wasn’t the right song for her kind of voice. She is YELLING. Judges side with Gina – thank you. I’m writing this in real time & let me just say – I’m amazing. Randy calls it pitchy, Paula says she’s yelling, Simon says the song doesn’t go with her. :::bowing:::

Chris – “Mayberry” – His stock has gone down in my book. Very early in the competition he did an amazing rendition of Jason Mraz’s “Geek In The Pink” & won me over. Slowly but surely, the love has been lost. Unless he can dance like JT, I’m not sure he has a big pop career ahead of him. He’s pitchy, too. Judges give it a big ehhhhhhh….

Melinda – “Trouble Is A Woman” – Kudos to her outfit tonight since last week she looked like somebody’s 40 year old mother. She’s also toned down the fake humility. Looks like somebody did a little research. HA HA! Simon just called her on her fakeness. All judges pleased with her performance, as am I.

Blake – “When The Stars Go Blue” – Blake, if you’re going to win this thing, you’re going to need to turn out solid performances week after week. Good song choice, good arrangement, good look. Everyone but Simon liked it.

Now, time for my bottom 3 predictions for tomorrow night. I was 3-3 last week so I’m feelin’ the pressure. This is tough. Of course, I want Sanjaya in there as much as you do but I don’t think it’s happening. I’m going with Phil, Chris, & Lakisha … scandalous!

P.S. Haven't you always wanted a Sanjaya bobblehead? This made me laugh:

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