Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Reality Check From Doug Benson

Doug Benson is a comedian who has appeared on Comedy Central Presents, Mr. Show, and Best Week Ever. He appeared on last season's Last Comic Standing. Benson was part of the writing team that created & performed in The Marijuana Logues. He is currently working on the film project Super High Me.

RC: The new season of "Last Comic Standing" is auditioning now in NYC. What happened last season? I thought for SURE you were going to have no problem going far.
DB: I thought the same thing. Maybe I was too cocky.

RC: "Best Week Ever" seems like such a great show to work on! How were you approached to join the cast?
DB: I wrote some jokes for a VH1 talking heads countdown thingy that was hosted by Sarah Silverman. I said to the producer of that show that I'd like to be a tv talking head. So she used me in THE 100 HOTTEST HOTTIES and a few other shows. Then my agent got me an audition for BEST WEEK EVER and I've been doing it ever since.

RC: I see you have a new comedy cd out. What else is in the works for you? Touring?
DB: To find out about all things me, go to my myspace page and send me a friend request. Then I'll let you know when I'm coming to your town.

Thanks to Doug Benson for chatting with "Reality Check"!
Be sure to check out his MySpace page to find out what he's up to!

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