Tuesday, March 27, 2007

American Idol: Random Pop Songs (3/27/07)

So Gwen Stefani was the guest ... helper??? ... tonight. Which was cool because I love Gwen Stefani but more for her No Doubt days than her solo days. But I wasn't getting it. I got that they were singing pop songs. But they didn't have anything to do with Gwen or her time period thus far in the music industry. Still cool that she was there. Okay onto the performances. I'll break it down one time for ya:

Lakisha - "Last Dance" - Won favorable comments from the judges, Simon said she looked 30 years younger. For me, she's a girl with a really good voice. I'm not sure I see her as a star.

Chris S. - "Every Little Thing She Does" - Like Gwen said to him, his timing was really off & the judges agreed. He also tries WAY too hard to be funny & sometimes I just want people to be themselves. I still like his voice though. And it's not his turn to go ... yet.

Gina - "I'll Stand By You" - LOVE THIS SONG! I thought she sounded her best. I'm a Gina fan (maybe it's the name) but I thought she was starting to fade into the background. Simon says she knows who she is & he's right ... as always.

Sanjaya - "Bath Water" - Ohhhh Lord. First of all, what was up with the hair? WOWWWWW ... I have no words. Oh wait, I always have words. Speaking of words, he forgot his in front of Gwen & it's HER freakin song! While I guess I'll agree that he's had more personality in recent weeks - it's time to go. PLEASE. Stop listening to
Vote For The Worst & Howard Stern. Side note - did you know some chick is starving herself until Sanjaya gets voted off? Sanjaya, you're killing people ... LITERALLY.

Haley - "True Colors" - She's a fighter, I'll give her that. She got her butt handed to her for weeks on end by the judges & I was surprised even when she made top 12 after the harsh criticisms. She still comes out week after week trying her best.I do think it's between her & Sanjaya next week. Paula, stop telling people who suck that they're pretty.

- "Every Breath You Take" - I want people to sing in their real voices & Phil was giving me a nice Sting impression. However, the judges liked it. Paula told Phil that he lives in the chorus ... that's really where he lives. Ok so despite the Sting impression, it was good. We'll see him next week.

Melinda - "Heaven Knows" - Does she not watch Best Week Ever & The Soup? We're all making fun of you, Melinda, for your fake humility. We know you can blow (though I wish the song was a little more upbeat) & YOU know you can blow. We'll see you in the Final 2. Don't act surprised.

Blake - "Love Song" - Ok so nobody is a bigger Blake fan than me. I think he's the best choice for a winner only because he's the most marketable. But I didn't love tonight ... AT ALL. I thought it lacked personality. So even though he can sing, it didn't do it for me tonight. The judges were mixed with their reviews. He'll definitely stick around.

Jordin - "Hey Baby" - Another Gwen choice. Changed up her look tonight. Mabe tried to shed her good girl look. I'm a big Jordin fan & I feel she SHOULD go far. Judges gave her great comments & I was happy for her.

Chris R. - "Don't Speak" - Chris closed the show ... and I felt sad. I was actually rooting for Chris but the last 2 weeks, he's not for me. If you have matches, I'll fly to L.A. to light a fire under his butt. Because vocally he's there but performance wise he needs work.

My prize for the night goes to Gina - I thought she did a great job
& showed tremendous growth.

My picks for bottom 2: Haley & Sanjaya (though Chris S. wouldn't surprise me)

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