Friday, March 30, 2007

Survivor: The End Of Rocky (3/29/07)

I'd like to say that I had the time to write my own recap today but I've been crazed so I'm giving you TV Guide's recap instead.

Survivor: Fiji
by Rhoda Charles

Surely this isn't
Survivor: Fiji that I'm watching? Talk about your quick turnaround. Tonight's Survivor was interesting, funny, entertaining, did I already say funny? At the end of the hour I was a happy armchair camper. Let me tell you why. I laughed pretty much through the whole show, including at things that weren't supposed to be funny — like the fact that the rub-you-the-wrong-way Lisi is a customer service rep. I found that funny.

Tonight's show made me happy from Yau-man's successful hunt for the immunity idol to the flamethrowers and fireballs at the reward challenge. Heck, I was just happy we had a reward challenge. I laughed at Mookie's expression after Yau-man sunk a fireball for his tribe — that same Ravu player who moments before had been laughing at Yau-man's technique.

I was happy that Ravu finally won a challenge. But I gotta tell you, I think the odds were stacked in Ravu's favor for this one. I mean, come on, this challenge was designed for a tribe of guys (and Lisi). Any guy who had ever played Lacrosse could have won it, especially with the added incentive of a day at the arcade, hot dogs and beer. Toss in a flaming pellet, and there was no way Ravu was losing that one. And did you check out the pits on Lisi? There's no way she's not one of the guys.

I'm happy that because of their win Ravu got some more food. Who among us, though, didn't see the stomach upset on the horizon? Earl makes me happy: from his positive attitude to his alliance with Yau-man to his snake-ridden island complete with tourism bureau of one. The amount of screen time Edgardo had tonight makes me happy.

Yau-man makes me happy with his gleeful grin and his all-around skill. This man is the man, and it's crazy to me that most of the other players don't realize the threat in their midst. The only player who does recognize Yau-man's value is in an alliance with him. But as far as The Yau goes, I'd be happy if he won purely because of his out-of-the-box strategizing. Fake immunity idol indeed. Love. It.

I’m happy that in real life I don't laugh at blind people, but on Survivor, watching blindfolded folks swing bats at hanging skulls was too much for me to suppress my giggles. Who am I kidding? I snorted watching Boo. Not only was his swiping at the skull hilarious, but so was his backwards retreat to his team. Topping off his ridiculous performance was his replacing Michelle as the caller but not being able to see. Such precious moments! Then Michelle had to go and fall off the platform. Mookie walking into an obstacle at crotch height — no wonder he didn't put up much of a fight for Rocky after this immunity challenge. He just didn't have the... um, he was not himself.

I’m happy that Moto won immunity. Like ecstatic. Earl, Yau-man, Michelle and Cassandra are safe while Lisi and Rocky are on the block. Now, it was a toss-up for me as to who should be voted out of Ravu. Wait. I'm lying, because I was disappointed that Dreamz didn't take the opportunity to force a tie by getting Mookie and Rocky to vote for Lisi. Dreamz has to know that if he lets Alex, Edgardo and Lisi vote out the original Ravu members then he's only two tribal councils away from a snuffed torch. My fingers are crossed for him to make it to the merge.

I’m happy that tribal council ended with the dismissal of one of Survivor's most colorful players. Rocky went out as he played the game: angry and screaming. I expect that his post-tribal council wail will be up on YouTube soon. However, this isn't the last we'll see of him because James (I think we can drop the Rocky moniker now) is the first member of the jury. I can't believe it's that time of the season already, but alas, we're here and it is time for the players to start courting votes.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with tonight's show. I guess you could say that I’m happy that I held out faith that this season would improve.

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