Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Reality Check With ... Kelli Brook (NBC's "Age of Love")

On the last episode of NBC's Age of Love, bachelor Mark Philippoussis eliminated one kitten and one cougar. That one cougar was 40-year-old Kelli Brook, a former Los Angeles Raiderette. She sits down with RealityCheckByGina to talk about her tumultuous ride on Age of Love.

RC: Can you remind the readers how old you are?
Kelli: Yes, I’m Kelli & I’m 40.

RC: Do you feel your age? You certainly don’t look it!
Kelli: I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel. When I was a kid, I thought you should be doing certain things by the time you were 40 but no. I feel young, energetic, I’m outside all the time, I’m athletic. I’m not ready to hang up my hat yet.

RC: What was your first impression when you met Mark?
Kelli: Of course he was gorgeous: tall, dark, and handsome. I didn’t know he had never dated an older woman. He was shy & obviously a little shocked. I felt bad for him!

RC: Were there real feelings there for him?
Kelli: He’s a sweet guy, he’s a real gentleman. When we were all together, he never tried to show favoritism. Yeah, you start to feel like, “This guy is really great & I would love to date him”. I was not head over heels but I wanted to see where it would go.

RC: Did you mind all the unexpected twists that came your way during your time on the show?
Kelli: I predicted every single thing that came. The producers kept saying, “Kelli, I know you know what’s going on & figured things out but that’s not good television”! I predicted the 20 year olds would be coming. NBC is not stupid. They set him up dating an older woman he’s not used to dating. They want him to fall for SOMEONE. I was saying, “Yeah those 20-somethings are coming!”

RC: Did you feel like the 20s were portrayed very one-dimensional?
Kelli: Who knows what they were told before they met us? That’s one thing that comes with maturity. Some of the thing that the producers caught them saying, they didn’t catch us saying. We’re older, wiser. I feel bad for them, they’re being portrayed negatively.

RC: Have you talked to the other women or can you not speak to each other until the show is over?
Kelli: We can’t talk until we’re eliminated. I talked to Lynn, I talked to Angela. I’m dying to talk to Maria.

RC: The women in their 40s seem really close.
Kelli: We were, we definitely were, especially when we were put in this position of the underdog. We were set up to possibly fail. I like the idea that Mark opened up to us. He really had fun with us.

RC: What was it like to watch yourself back on tv & what did your family & friends think?
Kelli: There were some moments that I was like, “Ooh God, I smiled way too big!” and you can see my wrinkles. I made the mistake of going on NBC’s website & reading the posts about me. Most were nice, but some were just cruel. I think I came across well, I was honest & I was true. My friends, of course, are giving me glowing reviews. I had fun being on there and I had no regrets!

RC: Were you surprised how forward everyone was? Mark got a lot of kisses on the last episode!
Kelli: I wasn’t surprised. The show was all about making twists, turns and changes. That outside elimination was really impersonal. It was hard because you end up standing out there and it was really cold. Some of those reaction shots were just of us freezing. I like the apartment elimination way better, it was more intimate. I wish I had said a few more things, though.

RC: You seemed surprised at the fact that you were eliminated. Did you feel someone else would go instead of you?

Kelli: Yeah, I don’t know specifically who. I jut wasn’t ready for it to be me. I can’t say who I thought it would be because I love all those other girls. Tessa said she wanted to go, she was sick of being there, and didn’t feel a connection with Mark. So we all knew Tessa was going. We didn’t think it would be Jen because he had a connection with her so I guess I thought it would be between Jayanna & Maria. Jayanna felt he had no connection with her and was more into Amanda when they were on the boat.

RC: What are your future plans now that the ride is over?

Kelli: Who knows what the show will lead to? I used to do acting & modeling so those feelings come back up. Who knows? I would love to get back into some kind of entertainment thing. I’m testing the waters.

Age of Love airs Mondays on NBC at 9pm EST

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