Monday, July 9, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance: Jessi Peralta Responds To Her Fans

The fans have cried out for an explanation & Jessi Peralta is responding. Thousands of fans have posted on forums such as Fox's official site & Television Without Pity, venting their frustration over Jessi's sudden dismissal. Tomorrow, I will be interviewing Jessi a second time, asking her to respond to her fans ... and her critics. Please post your fan questions in the comment section of this story & be sure to include your name & home state. If you want, you can also email me a photo of yourself along with a question & you may be featured on RealityCheckByGina. The interview will appear on the site Wednesday, July 11.


diana said...

my name is diana and i am from new jersey. i would like to ask jessi who on the show did she become good friends with besides pasha.

grant said...

I'm grant and I'm from WV... I'd like to ask Jessi to marry me.

Emmie said...

Hey I'm Emmie from AL. I wanted to ask Jessi if she had a myspace. Shes been a great inspiration to me and i wish their was a way I could let her know that, ie: myspace comment/message

melako17 said...

hello, i watch "so you think you can dance" on fox. but i just want to say to jessi, u showed a great performance with pasha. great chemistry with him. but i just want to ask how is your helath and i wish u were still on the show and still dancing with pasha. good luck with ur future.

Sarah said...

Dear Jessi,
I'm Sarah from California and I am such a huge fan of yours on the show and you are such a versatile dancer and your style is so unique. I really want to meet you someday. You are a true performer out there onstage and you inspire me and I wish you well on your dance career. I have several questions for you. First is where do you find your inspiration in dance? Second is what is currently playing on your i-pod, if it is Icebox by Omarion then I am convinced that's your favorite song. Finally, on the random side, do you like gnomes?

Autumn said...

Hey Jessi!
I'm Autumn from DC and I would just like to say you are one of the most amazing female dancers I've ever seen, very unique. You've inspired me, a fellow dancer, to try a few new things, and I thank you so much for that.
Just a few questions...strictly out of curiosity.
Before the pairings began, who was your ideal partner out of the top 10 guys?
What's your ethnic background? You're absolutely stunning!

I wish you the best of luck on your career!


Pammie said...

Aww.. I think I'm too late but-
I'm Pam from Las Vegas, and I just wanted to ask Jessi what the word "Possibilities" means to her, cause I see it on the necklace she wears. Another question is if she has had any offers that we may look forward to since she left the show.
Thank you!

Ideanna said...

Heyyyyy Jessi!!!! My name is Ideanna and I'm a fellow floridian from Orlando. Well I wanna get on your guilty side. What is a guilty pleasure of yours? Also, if you were stranded on an island with just 3 things, what would they be? Thank you so much and I loved watching you on the show.