Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Reality Check With ... Ant (NBC's "Last Comic Standing")

NBC's Last Comic Standing returns tonight with an all new season. Season 4 brings a lot of changes - a new host and the addition of 3 new scouts: Alonzo Bodden, Kathleen Madigan, and Ant. Ant takes the time to sit down with RealityCheckByGina to dish about the perks of fame & why he's most proud of this season of Last Comic Standing.

RC: How long have you been doing standup & what was your first gig?
Ant: I started in 1994. My first gig was being called up on stage drunk at the Improv because I was heckling. The comic said, “If you think you can do a better job, go ahead.” I did & I did!

RC: What stand up comedians have influenced you?
Ant: I love Whoopi Goldberg, I think she’s the whole reason why I really drove into it. Don Rickles, Kat Williams, Wanda Sykes, Ellen DeGeneres, Kathleen Madigan – they’re all big influences.

RC: Your life has changed since first appearing on “Last Comic Standing”. What are some of the highlights?
Ant: Being invited to Madonna’s parties because that’s pretty cool … oh, and the free clothes!

RC: Would you rather be a contestant or a scout on “Last Comic Standing”?
Ant: I’d like to stay as a scout because I really am having a great time sitting on the other side of the table. The pressure is off of me & I get to see what it was like. I was scared to death when I was a contestant!

RC: What changes have been made to the format this season?
Ant: Oh huge changes, Gina! We’re practically a brand new show. Anthony Clark is out, thank god! He was terrible. Bill Bellamy is in – he’s a genuinely funny person & he really gets it. We also broadened our search worldwide this year. I'm really proud of this season.

RC: Which brings me to my next question – what cities did you visit to find the best comics?
Ant: We went to Sydney, London, Montreal, and, of course, major stops here in the United States. Funny is funny so no matter where you’re from, it translates. Some of the comics who weren’t seasoned didn’t get that you can’t use regional humor. You need to use more broad based humor. The really seasoned comics came prepared.

RC: Did you have to sit through a lot of bad comedians who don’t know they’re not funny?
Ant: Hundreds of thousands it seemed like! That’s my favorite part of the show is the train wrecks. We’ll let them go on & on because it’s hilarious. That’s what makes the show really work – you’re laughing at the train wrecks & you’re laughing at the funny comics too.

RC: Do you get to get out on the road often?
Ant: I try and tour as much as I can! I’m in Florida next week but I’m really picky about what I’ll do now because my free time is so limited. I maybe get one day a month to myself.

RC: You have a CD & a DVD out, tell me about them.
Ant: My DVD I’m really thrilled about it’s called “Ant: America’s Ready” you can buy it at Amazon, Target, or wherever. You’ll learn a lot about me that you won’t get to see on national television. You’ll see it raw which is the way comedy should be, not run through a filter.

RC: You always seem to be busy with new projects – anything in the future we should look out for?
Ant: Yeah, actually, I just shot a pilot regarding celebrities & magic. It just got picked up! You can look for it probably in early 2008.

RC: Any final words?
Ant: Yeah, everyone should go to my
MySpace page. People can comment me & let me know what they think of the new season!

An all new season of Last Comic Standing kicks off tonight at 9pm EST on NBC!


Anonymous said...

It's offensive that someone like ANT, who is unfunny and a notorious joke stealer, had been put in a position to judge these aspiring comics.

Anonymous said...

HERE!HERE!! Without a doubt,the most unfunny "comedian" in the history of the world. I would rather jump in a river of snot than listen to the pathetic attempts at humor from this over botoxed hack!!!

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