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A Reality Check With ... Alexis Shubin (CBS's "Pirate Master")

Alexis Shubin was born in Fountain Valley, CA, and raised primarily in Laguna Hills, in South Orange County. While in high school, she was on the swim team and played water polo for four years. She then received her bachelor's degree in Communications/English from the University of Arizona in Tucson, where she was also an All-American water polo player. Alexis previously worked as an assistant editor for Lemonade magazine, Lucky magazine and Harper's Bazaar magazine. Her no-holds-barred attitude got her cut adrift on last night's Pirate Master & she sits down with RealityCheckByGina to tell it like it is.

RC: What drew you to the show Pirate Master?
Alexis: Casting kind of found me, I didn’t try out for the show. It was almost too perfect. I’ve always kind of been a little bit of the bad guy, I had a reputation. For me, I had a fascination with pirates & it seemed too perfect to turn down! I’m 26 & to go live in the Caribbean for 2 months ... it was great.

RC: Was the show physically more challenging that you anticipated?
Alexis: Yeah, I think it was, for sure. We didn’t really know what to expect. They gave us a heads up that it would be physical but I think that all any of us had to refer to was Survivor where their challenges were a lot more stationary.

RC: It seemed there would be a shift when Azmyth replaced Joe Don as captain. Did you feel a positive change once Azmyth took over?
Alexis: Yeah, I think everybody exhaled a little bit. Nobody liked Joe Don at that point - he was completely non-verbal with us. He would just stand up there & watch us & not do anything. There was a huge division. I think everybody gave a sigh of relief that the reign of terror was over.

RC: Why do people act so strange when they become captain? Are they told to do that or do they just act bizarre all on their own?

Alexis: Joe Don was just playing the part because he’s actually way cooler than that. Azmyth is such a drama queen & performer … the accent & the whole thing … he just wanted to be the good guy pirate.

RC: Did you think that you would receive a black spot on last night’s episode?
Alexis: I was expecting it completely. People would be like, “Let’s clean the heads” & I’d be like, “I want a suntan!” The last few days on the ship were hard & I got super cranky. You really can’t get away from anyone & have a minute. My attitude certainly changed the last few days.

RC: I like that at pirates court last night you said that you just are who you are: take it or leave it. Did you find people to be fake on the ship?

Alexis: Yeah, I think a lot of the people going into it had a bigger plan & a bigger agenda. There were musicians & actors & actresses. I think in the beginning, people were being extremely politically correct. I wasn’t trying to protect myself on the ship. I was just like, “This is me & this is what I think about you & that’s how it is.” The crew had a lot more respect for me & appreciated that. I thought I’d end up being the bitch but Cheryl ended up really being the bitch. I was just abrasive & didn’t hold back.

RC: Do you read what people on the websites & blogs say about you?

Alexis: You know, I have run across a few things. It’s funny … going into the show, my friends said, “Are you going to care what people say about you?” I’m used to people reacting to me. There’s been some blogs from people I went to college with like 7 years ago of people saying things & I’m like, “Woah, I’m sorry, who are you?” That upset me, I felt like Paris Hilton all of a sudden. I wasn’t expecting personal attacks from people I supposedly knew back in the day. I was upset for a minute & then I was like, “Do I really care?”

RC: Did you make friends while you were on the show?

Alexis: There’s people you click with & people that you don’t. At the end of the day, I was fairly close with everyone. I’m friends with Joy & Sean. It’s weird getting to know them in that environment & then, off camera. It’s a different interaction & more authentic.

RC: What was the toughest part of being on the ship?
Alexis: I think just the circumstances, it got really smothering. You couldn’t run away, have a moment, or feel like you weren't on camera. But it is what it is & it took some getting used to.

RC: When you’re cut adrift, does someone row out there & come get you afterwards?
Alexis: That’s the magic of tv! There’s all kinds of stuff that would blow your mind.

RC: What are you up to now?
Alexis: I’m back in Laguna. It took me a while to get adjusted. I wasn’t prepared for how hard of an adjustment it would be. I’m getting back to life, work, friends & family.

Pirate Master airs Thursday nights on CBS at 8pm EST

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