Monday, June 11, 2007

Hell's Kitchen: Eddie's Spaghetti (6/11/07)

The girls kick off tonight's episode vowing to change Chef Ramsay's opinion of them after being called bitches & evil last week. Meanwhile, the guys are concerned for Aaron who has showed consistent signs of mental weakness. While the chefs hoped for a good night's sleep, they were startled out of their sleep at 6am and sent to a meeting with Chef Ramsay. He feels that after the miserable performance on the last episode, they need to have a better feel for where food comes from. Therefore, they must catch their own food today - fish being thrown out of the back of a truck.

When the challenge came up & it was time to clean the fish, Aaron, once again, burst into tears after cursing. Chef Ramsay tells him to take a time out & the chefs continue without him. In the end, thanks in part to Joanna, the women pull off a victory & for their prize, get to fish & dine with Chef Ramsay. For punishment, the guys must prep all the fish that will be used for tonight's dinner. Four hours into the punishment, Aaron finally resurfaces announcing that he wants to quit the game. Aaron is ultimately convinced to stay for the time being, but worries that he is way out of his league in this competition.

As the dinner competition approaches, Chef Ramsay informs the men there is a second part to their punishment - one of the men must serve the fish tableside tonight. Aaron is chosen, much to his dismay, and the challenge becomes too much for him. He claims to have passed out but he didn't fall down nor was he unconscious at any point ... could he be the great actor Tiffani claimed he was last week? Dinner begins & the red team is looking for the first victory. Eddie struggles immediately on the spaghetti & brings the blue kitchen to a dead stop.

Bonnie doesn't fare much better in the red kitchen, slowing her team down as well. However, Jen steps up to get some appetizers out to the customers, giving the red team the steam they very much needed. Eddie's spaghetti continues to be a problem, leaving the blue kitchen at a standstill & he is taken off the station. Meanwhile, Aaron struggles to de-bone the customers' fish spending 15 minutes on just one fish.

The red team doesn't stay ahead too long as Joanna forgets to prepare the lettuce for the next course. They still, however, have served more dishes to customers than the struggling blue team. Tableside, Aaron's de-boning doesn't go too well as many customers find bones left over in their fish. The embarassed blue team can't get out any of their dishes & Chef Ramsay throws them all out of the kitchen, leaving the women to finish the evening. The red team rallies & finishes the evening, pulling off their first victory.

Rock is chosen by Chef Ramsay as the "least bad" on the blue team & must choose two chefs who will be up for elimination. He puts up Eddie because he does not feel Eddie is an asset to the team. The other nominee is Josh, which is a surprise to everyone in the kitchen. No crying cowboy? Rock must be trying to eliminate what he perceives as his competition. Josh is called out for being "all over the place". In the end, Chef Ramsay sends Eddie home, who perhaps was never given a chance to show what he can do and was written off for his size.

Check back tomorrow, I'll be talking to Eddie about his time spent in Hell's Kitchen!

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