Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Reality Check With ... Eddie Langlay (FOX's "Hell's Kitchen")

Last night's episode had a surprising ending when Chef Ramsay dismissed 28 year old Eddie Langlay from Hell's Kitchen. A grill cook from Atlanta, Eddie sits down to talk with RealityCheckByGina about his time in Hell's Kitchen & why he didn't deserve to go.

RC: When did you interest in cooking begin?
Eddie: When I was young, I would cook with my mom a little. But when I was 15 & had my first kidney transplant, I was put on a special diet (no sodium, etc). I started experimenting with herbs to make things I could eat & enjoy.

RC: What is your training & background?
Eddie: I’ve been doing this for over 10 years working in fine dining & casual dining.

RC: Has your size been a disadvantage when you are cooking?
Eddie: As far as my size goes, it hasn’t hindered me with cooking. The way people view me has hindered me in certain situations. When you’re working & everything, and you’re doing just as well as someone else but the person next to you has a problem with your size, it can be a pain.

RC: Did Chef Ramsay take it too far with his comments about your size?
Eddie: Chef Ramsay always singles something out about each individual that he likes to pick on people about. He has his own insecurities he has to deal with.

RC: What is the deal with Aaron? Is he the great actor Tiffani claims he is or is he really that unstable?
Eddie: What you saw of Aaron was genuinely Aaron. I remember the first night & Chef asked if we were ready. He directed the question to Aaron and he started crying. I was like, “Holy crap! What’s going on?” I think that’s all Aaron.

RC: What was the main problem in last night’s episode in the men’s kitchen?
Eddie: There’s not one pinpoint, we all had a bad night. We all deserved to be up there but I was nowhere near the worst.

RC: Is the dinner challenge set up in a way so that you almost can’t succeed?
Eddie: I don’t think so. Chef Ramsay has his standards & his reputation is on the line.

RC: Did you expect to be going home or did you think someone else, like Aaron, would be the one sent home?
Eddie: I shouldn’t have been nominated & I shouldn’t have gone home. I think anybody else should have been there. I was sabotaged!

RC: Which of the chefs really impressed you?
Eddie: I think we all bring our own things to the table. I was really impressed with everyone.

RC: What is the best dish that you make?
Eddie: My parmesan sea scallops with vermouth cream sauced & proscuitto wrap mixed greens – my signature dish that I made on the first episode.

RC: Did you feel that you got to show what you can really do while on “Hell’s Kitchen”?
Eddie: Oh, far from it! I hardly got the chance to show anything. The first episode, you saw me working hard & I hardly got yelled at. The second night, you saw us having problems. If I had more time, I would’ve been able to show my creativity & I would’ve won hands down. Chef Ramsay didn’t choose me & that’s his problem.

RC: Where can we find you cooking now?

Eddie: I have my own business called Pizzazz. We offer personal chefs & catering.

Catch an all new episode of Hell's Kitchen Mondays at 9pm EST on FOX

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