Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Reality Check With ... Evangelin (Bravo's "Shear Genius")

When the opportunity to attend the open casting for “Shear Genius” came about, Evangelin felt she was at a cross roads in her life, in search for a way to connect, grow and inspire. From conservative to funky folks, Evangelin's clients allow her to create and not conform, which is why she considers what she does an art form. She's married with children and hopes one day to open her own salon. She's focusing her current efforts on launching a non-profit event called Fierce Passion and Fashion, evolving as a stylist and connecting with as many people as possible is her mission.

RC: How did you hear about the show & what made you want to apply?
Evangelin: I got an email from a friend & all it said was, “The search for America’s next top stylist”. I wanted to be on tv my whole life – it was a dream come true!

RC: Tell us a little about your training & background?
Evangelin: I’ve been doing hair since I could pick up dolls. My mom was an official Miss America judge. We ran our own pageants as well. My mom did my hair in a different style every day like I was a live doll! My family didn’t want me to go to cosmetology school but it was my passion.

RC: You got what looked like a raw deal a few episodes back when you were given hedge clippers to cut hair but you pulled off an amazing cut. Why did you want to keep using them after?
Evangelin: You know, there are so many different kinds of hairdressers out there. I wanted to show the world that they underestimated me. I wanted to make a statement saying: “This is what I’m capable of.” I would never use something on a client that I wouldn’t be successful at. I would not compromise that. Plus, it pissed people off & I liked that!

RC: Yeah, Tabatha got really angry at you for using those things. What made her so mad?
Evangelin: There are different breeds of hairdressing & I crossed a line … raised some hairs. I was having fun.

RC: I did not think you deserved to go home in the day to night challenge. What do you think happened?
Evangelin: Well it’s hard to say & read the judges’ minds. It was my time. I was ready to go home to my kids & my family. There’s an old pageant saying: “Better to not win knowing you should have then to stand there holding the crown thinking you shouldn’t have won.”

RC: Was there a judge you were particularly nervous to show your work in front of?
Evangelin: I would have to say Sally (Hershberger). I knew the name, I had heard it before. But I knew her work more than her. She is one of the rare few in our field who are really famous.

RC: Where can we find you now & what are you doing?
Evangelin: You can find me behind my chair doin what I do best!

Shear Genius airs on Bravo Wednesday nights at 10pm EST

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