Monday, May 7, 2007

The Bachelor: Hometown Dates - The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

It’s time for Andy Baldwin to make a cross-country trip to visit the hometowns & families of: Tessa, Bevin, Danielle, and Amber. It’s bad enough when you have to meet your girlfriend’s family but to meet FOUR families in the span of a week or so? I don’t envy Andy & the decision he’ll have to make once he meets everyone.

Up first is a trip to Seattle to see Bevin, who has been waiting to share a secret with Andy. She sits him down to drop the bomb – she has been previously married & divorced. Andy tells her that he appreciates her honesty but confesses to the camera that he’s worried. The trip home proves to be very emotional for Bevin, who worries about getting her heart broken. Any leaves Seattle feeling comfortable with Bevin’s family & hopeful for a future with Bevin.

He then heads clear across the country to Connecticut (yay for my home state!) to see Danielle. Danielle’s family expresses concern that their daughter will want to move to Hawaii to be with Andy but Danielle says she just wants to be where she is happy. Though Andy & Danielle seem to be having fun together, it doesn’t seem like there is a huge spark between them – but maybe I am missing something.

The good times don’t last too long as Andy heads to Washington, D.C. to see Tessa and gets grilled by her family. What are your faults? What’s it like to date so many people? Do you see yourself living in the suburbs or city? Are there qualities in the other girls that Tessa is missing? Ouch. While their intentions are good & they’re just trying to protect her, my heart goes out to Andy. Besides going through the gauntlet of questions, he also worries she’s not here for the right reasons.

Side note: If I have to hear Andy use the phrase “go the distance” one more time, I’m going to throw myself off a building.

Andy’s last stop is Sugar Land, Texas to see Amber the schoolteacher. They meet at her school where Andy gets to see her classroom as well as meet her students. Amber sits Andy down, also to drop a bomb. Andy won’t be meeting Amber’s parents or aunt & uncle. Amber has a very rocky relationship with her family, who are unsupportive of her being on the show. Andy finds a different dynamic when he goes to Amber’s apartment with her roommate. At the last minute, Amber’s aunt shows up to surprise her & save the date from going downhill.

At the rose ceremony, Andy finds it particularly difficult to let one woman go. Tessa is the first to receive a rose, much to my surprise. Next, Bevin is called to accept her rose. Finally, Danielle is called leaving an emotional Amber out in the cold. Andy pulls her aside before sending her off in the limo. He plays the age difference card which upsets Amber further. Next week, Andy takes the 3 remaining women to Hawaii. My money’s still on Bevin.

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Reality TV News Blog said...

It's tough to predict because all three have issues. Andy doesn't like Bevin's marital history. Tessa is distant and doesn't seem to be very into Andy - she's not "putting herself out there," to use the most annoying and overused phrase in Bachelor history. Danielle appears to be the most normal of the three, aside from the whole my boyfriend died in bed with me thing. If I had to guess, I'd say he ends up with Danielle.