Thursday, May 10, 2007

Survivor: Yau Is The Man! (5/10/07)

Tonight was the infamous car reward challenge. As you Survivor buffs know, no one who has ever won the car has won the game of Survivor. Castaways must compete in teams of 3 to maneuver their way through an obstacle course to release a box which will drop into a brand new Ford pickup truck. From there, the winning 3 will individually battle each other for the truck. However, win or lose, the final 3 will get to deliver supplies to a local school.

Boo, Yau Man, and Stacy move on to the finals in an axe throwing competition. Yau Man wins but wants to make a deal. The deal is this: If Dreamz & Yau Man are in the final 4 and Dreamz wins immunity, he will give it to Yau Man. Yau Man takes Dreamz’ word (which I think is stupid) and hands over the keys without hesitation. He also sends himself to Exile Island & scores himself HUGE points with the tribe. If makes final 2, tonight’s actions were worth a million dollars. Dreamz, however, has another plan – to get rid of Yau Man before the final 4.

You need to know how to do three things in Survivor challenges – aim, balance, and swim. Tonight’s immunity challenge required two of the three. Teams must balance across beams, toss a ball attached to a rope through a hoop which pulls down the next beam, and then repeat each step. Still with me? They must finally use a grappling hook to release a buoy – and Boo is triumphant for the 2nd challenge in a row.

Boo’s immunity was much needed as once again he was on the chopping block. Back at camp, Yau Man shares the immunity idol information with Earl who ends up tracking down the idol himself. Now, both Earl & Yau Man have an immunity idol each making them a pretty unstoppable duo. The plotting at camp gets tricky. Dreamz tries to get rid of Yau Man but wants to make it look like Stacy is going. Yau Man plays the idol at tribal council (a BRILLIANT move) and he received the most votes. By default, Stacy, who had the second highest number of votes, had her torch snuffed. Way to go, Survivor. That was amazing.

The season finale of Survivor: Fiji airs this Sunday at 8pm EST on CBS

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