Wednesday, May 9, 2007

American Idol: WAHOO!!!! (5/9/07)

If you heard an ear-piercing cry of exuberance coming from the East Coast tonight at around 9:58pm EST, do not worry. That was just me standing on my couch belting out, "BYE BYE LAKISHA!" I didn't smile this much when Sanjaya & his ponyhawk were voted off. It's not that the girl doesn't have a good voice because she CAN sing ... but she's limited & her eyes are dead. There is no life, no passion in them. She looks almost bored at herself when she performs and, Kiki, I share your sentiment. No worries, we can see you in one of the 50 Idol shows you'll performing in on the tour (how long before someone collapses of exhaustion?) and I'm sure you'll get a mediocre record deal out of it. You might say I'm going to hell for having no heart for her exit tonight ... but I already knew I was goin'.

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Jason said...

Lakisha, Lakisha, Lakisha. I'm sorry but it was your time to go. The world ain't big enough for 3 soulful vocalists.