Monday, May 7, 2007

The Amazing Race: Not My Ideal Ending (5/6/07)

Last night’s Amazing Race: All Stars finale has Charla & Mirna, Dustin & Kandice, and Eric & Danielle in the race for a million dollars. The Beauty Queens were the first team to arrive at the last pit stop so they leave first. All teams are traveling from Guam to Hawaii via Tokyo. Upon reaching Tokyo, Charla & Mirna snag a better connection flight, putting them in Honolulu 40 minutes earlier than the other two teams.

All teams head to the Kamaka Air Hanger where they must sign up for helicopter rides. Charla & Mirna arrive first followed by Eric & Danielle and Dustin & Kandice. They drive themselves to find a Detour – Under or Over. In Under, teams must swim into an underwater cave to retrieve their clue. In Over, both team members must stand on paddleboards & paddle their way to their next clue. Charla & Mirna choose Over while Eric & Danielle and Dustin & Kandice choose Under.

Teams have to drive themselves to Shipwreck Beach to get their next clue with Charla & Mirna in first – but not for long. The other teams catch up, even passing them in a foot race to the next clue. They all must choose kayaks and paddle to retrieve their next clue. All teams struggle against the current but Eric & Danielle complete their task with greater ease than the all-female teams.

The final destination city is San Francisco & when teams arrive, they must head to the Old Mint. On the way, a breakdown in communication between Dustin & Kandice erupts while Charla & Mirna try to push their way through exhaustion. Teams catch up at the airport & everyone is together on the flight to Oakland. At the Old Mint, the teams find their final challenge which tests how well they know their partner. Surprisingly, Eric & Danielle finish first and teams must now head to the finish line – the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

And the winner of the Amazing Race: All Stars is … Eric & Danielle. I can’t freakin’ believe it. Dustin & Kandice came in 2nd with my girls, Charla & Mirna taking a 3rd place finish.

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