Wednesday, May 9, 2007

American Idol: Zzzzzzzz... (5/8/07)

Last night, the American Idol top 4 contestants were given 2 chances to impress the judges and America with songs by Barry Gibb. Let’s see how the Idols stacked up:


Melinda – Love You Inside & Out: The judges are not wowed by what she did tonight & I have to agree. While her vocals are always 100%, she sometimes fails to bring intensity to her performance.

Blake – You Should Be Dancing: Usually, Blake’s beatboxin’ goes over well with the judges but tonight wasn’t his night. Comments ranged from “It didn’t work for me” to “That was terrible”. Ouch.

Lakisha – Stayin’ Alive: Where as Lakisha could’ve taken this to next level performance-wise, she continues to be reserved & passion-less. It’s just not a night to impress the judges.
Jordin – To Love Somebody: Jordin is so great, so marketable, and such a standout this season. I love her energy & what she brings each week to the stage. The judges love her as well, giving her rave reviews.

On a side note, a preview for my FAVORITE summer reality show came on during the commercial breaks – Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance”. New season begins Thursday, May 24th!


Melinda – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart: She redeems herself with this song, winning the judges over again. They want to be surprised & wowed though. I agree.

Blake – This Is Where I Came In: Round 2 proves to be better for Blake as well but the judges are wearing tired of his beatbox skills. But remember earlier in the season, they said they missed it. Careful what you wish for...

Lakisha – Run To Me: Everyone does better in round 2 but the judges are still not jumping out of their seats over Lakisha. Simon thinks she & Blake are vulnerable to getting voted out.

Jordin – A Woman In Love: This time, the judges don’t so much love to Jordin. It’s not their favorite performance but I’m sure she’ll be back next week & make top 3 easily.

I'll go with Simon & say that Lakisha & Blake are in the bottom 2 tonight with Lakisha going home. FINALLY!!!

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