Friday, May 11, 2007

A Reality Check With ... Dionne Walters (CW's "Top Model")

20-year-old college student Dionne Walters was the latest eliminated model on the CW's "America's Next Top Model" cycle 8. She takes time out of her schedule to sit down with RealityCheckByGina and dish about girls, her mean face, and Tyra's trick questions.

RC: Did you have any previous modeling experience before the show?
Dionne: No, I had no modeling experience so that was my first time. The casting call was in my hometown (Montgomery, AL) and they sent me to Atlanta for a callback. From there, they liked me again so they flew me out to L.A. & I had to participate in the semi-finals.

RC: Was it hard to leave your daughter for so many weeks? Were you able to talk to your family a lot?
Dionne: Of course, it was definitely hard to leave my daughter! She was almost two years old at the time. I did get a chance to talk to them but there was so much chaos with the phone – everybody was always fighting over the phone. I just thought: I’ll just talk to them whenever I have time. It kept my mind off of her.

RC: Tyra (and the others) always said you had a mean face in your pictures. Was that a result of you trying to look intense?
Dionne: I actually do know why I was doing that. That’s because it’s a natural look for me. I didn’t know I was doing that. Now that I’ve been home, I’ve been practicing on how to change that. I’ve learned how to make different facial expressions.

RC: What did your family & friends say about the photo shoot with Kim where you had to re-enact her kiss in the limo with another model?
Dionne: My mom was really ticked off about that. She thought that by the editing, it made it look like they were trying to say I liked females which is the complete opposite! Mom was saying, "If they pay enough attention, they would see that you clearly stated that you were not comfortable". That’s editing, it’s what they do! If anybody wants to know my true feelings, they can ask me!

RC: Which photo shoot was your favorite to work on?
Dionne: I think my favorite would be the first photo shoot where I was the vegan. My neck was full of fruit & I was nude.

RC: On the last episode, everyone banded together to get rid of Natasha. What was your issue with her?
Dionne: That is so untrue! We were not ganging up on her. Once again, editing! My issue with her is the language barrier. Sometimes she could understand a question I was asking and other times, she wouldn’t understand. I felt like she was being a little phony at times but that was because she didn’t understand.

RC: You were asked first by Tyra which model has the most potential. You said Jaslene. As the other girls kept saying that they themselves had the most potential, what was going through your head?
Dionne: When Tyra stated that question, she asked me “Dionne, who has the most potential out of the girls?” I thought she was asking about the girls behind me. I was thinking, "Ok well out of those 3..." When I was in the bottom two, I was thinking , "Oh s---! I just dug a hole for myself!" That was like a trick question. But there was so much pressure, you were confused. You live & you learn.

RC: When you were in the bottom 2 with Natasha, did you think she was going home for not being able to pull through her shoot while being sick?

Dionne: You know what? I didn’t really think that I was gonna go home. You think one person’s going home & it’s the total opposite. I so hate that it was me.

RC: Are you going to continue modeling?
Dionne: When we go home, we’re not allowed to do any modeling. We can do some coaching. I went back to school & my old job. Just livin' life...

Be sure to check out the season finale of American's Next Top Model Wednesday at 8pm EST on the CW Network.

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