Monday, May 14, 2007

Survivor: I Think My Heart Just Broke

Not since Johnny Fairplay orchestrated the ousting of Rupert has a Survivor done something as despicable as what Dreamz did last night. Last night’s season finale of Survivor: Fiji started with an immunity challenge featuring a maze that needed to be completed blindfolded. Once again, Yau-Man won immunity and Bula Bula stuck to their plan to vote out Boo. This proved to affect the entire outcome of the game as Boo had tried last minute to get everyone to vote Dreamz.

At the final 4 immunity challenge, it became a test of willpower & endurance. Survivors had to hang from a bar while water dripped on them. Whoever lasted the longest won. Simple as that. As promised to Yau-Man, Dreamz won immunity but after learning three people would be vying for the million, he refused to keep his end of the deal and kept the necklace for himself. This prompted everyone at tribal council to switch votes and Dreamz, Earl, and Cassandra voted out Yau-Man. My heart literally broke.

This left Dreamz, Cassandra, and Earl to vie for the grand prize. The final tribal council became awkward & uncomfortable as survivor after survivor berated the remaining 3. Dreamz & Cassandra took most of the beating – Dreamz for not keeping his word & basically stealing a truck from Yau-Man & Cassandra for doing pretty much nothing. In the end, in a unanimous decision, Earl was awarded the million dollar prize. With no votes for second place, there was no mention of the $100,000 consolation prize.

We’ll get some inside dirt from members of the jury this week on RealityCheckByGina so check back for updates! I want the whole story … don’t you? We'll be talking to Edgardo, Mookie, and Michelle to find out what went down on & off the island.

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Anonymous said...

I lost all respect for Dreamz. He would have made a million in endorsements if he would have kept his word.Yau man should have won. Dreamz did not even give back the truck. I will never respect Dreamz again and would not watch anything he was on. I hope he gets nothing but bad publicity from the stunt he pulled.

Anonymous said...

If your heart literally broke, then it's a miracle you were able to post this. 'Literally' means that you weren't using a metaphor--that your ventricles and so forth were physically damaged. So I congratulate you on surviving whatever cardiological condition physically broke your heart. Very few people live through such an ordeal.

Get well soon!


Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment...Dreamz had a chance to be a hero, a real man, and his greed took that from him. He was weak and tried to rationalize by virtue of his poverty. I don't buy it; I grew up poor also, ate canned tomatoes for a week once because that was all we had. Ended up getting a financial aide scholarship for college which changed my life. So I don't have sympathy for poor people who use that as an excuse to violate basic rules of humanity.