Monday, May 14, 2007

The Bachelor: The Psychic Was Wrong (5/14/07)

The field has been narrowed to three as Bevin, Danielle, and Tessa fight for the man they … love? Tonight, he brought the girls to Hawaii to share his life with them. He begins his dates with each woman by showing them Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona. He speaks so passionately about this & it’s a very poignant moment in the episode – something real in a very surreal environment.

Andy’s first 1-on-1 date is with Tessa who meets him in Kauai to have a little fun & do a zipline over a ravine. They also went over a suspension bridge & took a romantic walk. They end their evening with a picnic. It seems Tessa & Andy are really falling for each other, more than I expected them to. He has really been fighting for her all along – it’s nice to see her let her guard down. At dinner, Tessa lets Andy know just how she feels & he offers her the fantasy suite card. She accepts to have more time alone with him & uses the time to talk to Andy about their relationship. Don’t worry, people, they got lots of kissing in too! J

The bachelor’s next date is with Danielle who meets him aboard a catamaran for a day on the ocean. On the way, they see dolphins & whales – what is better than that? And while we’re on the subject of questions … who knew snorkels & goggles were sexy? Andy & Danielle played in the water, swimming with the fish, and stealing some kisses along the way. Afterwards, they sat together while the sun set but I couldn’t help but giggle at the musak version of “Up Where We Belong” playing in the background (notably off the “Office & A Gentleman” soundtrack). At dinner, Andy brings in a psychic to talk to Danielle who brings up the loss she suffered with her college boyfriend. This blows Danielle away who wonders if she still needs to deal with the issues she has. The fantasy card is offered at the end of the evening & Danielle also accepts.

The final date for Andy takes place with Bevin. They start the day off with a kayak ride & then on an “adventure hike” as Andy called it. They end their hike at a waterfall where the bachelor scores again with some fun & some love! Their evening leads them a romantic luau where fire & hula dancers perform for them. At the dinner, Andy spends time trying to get to know Bevin better & find out if she’s here for the right reasons. He also brings up his insecurities again about her previous divorce. She reassures him that she wants him to know everything about her & love her for who she is. No surprise that at the end of the evening, Bevin accepts her fantasy suite card.

Before the rose ceremony, Andy struggles with his decision so his friend flies out to help him talk through it. It is a stressful time for Andy as this will impact the rest of his life. Not surprisingly, the first rose goes to Bevin (who is my pick to win this whole thing). The last rose is given to Tessa whose relationship with Andy has grown over the last few dates. This leaves Danielle without a rose & on her way back to Connecticut. He gave her the “you’re gonna make some man really happy” speech & sent her on her way. Andy & Danielle both took it hard though, getting emotional about it after saying goodbye.

Later in the week, I’ll be talking to Any Baldwin himself as he struggles with his final decision to choose the woman he’ll spend his life with. The season finale of The Bachelor airs next Monday on ABC.

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