Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Reality Check With ... Dr. Boogie (Bravo's "Shear Genius")

Let's face it - when Dr. Boogie is on the screen, there's no shortage of drama OR comedy. This is precisely why he will be missed on Bravo's "Shear Genius". Boogie was eliminated last week just before the finals for not being a team player. He sits down with RealityCheckByGina to dish on his skills & his man-crush on Rene!

RC: How did you hear about “Shear Genius” & what made you want to apply?
Dr. Boogie: I heard about the show – they knew I was a Hollywood baby runnin' around Hollywood. How can you do Shear Genius without Dr. Boogie? I went in for an audition, they loved me! They didn’t want me to leave.

RC: Tell us a little bit about your training & background?
Dr. Boogie: I come from Paris Beauty College in California. I’ve owned a couple of hair salons, I’m from the Bay Area. One day, I went up to Morris Day (who lived in my town) & said, “I can do your hair better than that!” It worked for me. I met Eve the rapper – I dyed it platinum blonde! She hated me for it but it put her on the map. I became a celebrity stylist.

RC: Once you sized up your competition in the beginning, did you feel confident? Who were you worried about?
Dr. Boogie: I wasn’t worried about it. We walked into a room & saw each other for the first time, I thought this would be fun.

RC: You got eliminated last week after stepping in to the photo shoot too many times & making the model’s hair too heavy. Did you sense you were in trouble?
Dr. Boogie: I didn’t see that I was in trouble. They have judges, they have a scoring system. I guess I didn’t produce what they wanted me to. We’re all winners though!

RC: When you watched the episode back, what did you think about the photo shoot you worked on?

Dr. Boogie: Here’s the situation, I had 2 options: let her hair be in her face & have a picture with a whole hairy face or keep her hair out of her face. I could get it right or not get it right.

RC: Is there anyone in the finals that surprises you?

Dr. Boogie: Oh my God! Ben! I love Ben but I couldn’t believe it! I thought after the red carpet thing, he would’ve been in the dumps.

RC: Explain the infatuation with Rene.
Dr. Boogie: Rene is so cute to me! Look at him, he’s like a Ken doll. I never really had a Ken doll but it did take me back to my younger days when I played with Barbie dolls. I had to flirt with somebody! None of the cast members wanted me, so I went up to Rene!

RC: Who do you stay in touch with?

Dr. Boogie: Not everyone, I love Daisy & Tabatha – they’re my homegirls. When the show is over, we can be all friends! I’m on my way to New York now to find out who the winner is!

RC: Where can we find you now & what are you doing?

Dr. Boogie: You can see my website where I’ve created my own line of products & hair pieces. Women can have that Hollywood look, and save time & save money. Check it out!

Check out the finale of "Shear Genius" tonight on Bravo at 10pm EST

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