Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My D-List Mission For Kathy Griffin

You'd think that one D-Lister would understand another. Such is not the case thus far with Kathy Griffin, whose new season of Bravo's "My Life On The D-List" premieres next week. Let me back up a minute. I have been a long-time fan of Ms. Griffin's. She did a comedy show at my college years ago & I went to see her. She was hilarious (of course) and since then, I have followed her career - watching her show, buying her standup specials, etc. On May 27th, she was scheduled to do a show at the Mohegan Sun Casino in CT where I am from. I figured, "What a perfect opportunity to interview Kathy about her tour & new show!"

It is cool to be a full-time writer of a blog about reality television. Life could be worse, right? I get to watch tons of reality shows & interview the stars of them once they're eliminated. Some people don't understand the one downside. Talking to your favorite reality stars means you might learn things that you didn't want to know. You were happier being in the dark - not knowing they can be rude or that a show isn't really what it says it is.

I don't believe Kathy Griffin is a D-Lister. I'd say she's B-List. She was front & center at the finale of American Idol, she sold out Carnegie Hall (a place few female comedians get to play), and she often is a guest and co-hosts The View. D-List is like ... Screech on Celebrity Fit Club. Kathy's staff says she doesn't do in-person interviews & now she's not interested in a phone interview either. I find this interesting since on her show, she says she'll take any job she can get and is a self-proclaimed "media whore". Is it all just a ploy for ratings?

I emailed Kathy myself thinking, "If she's really D-List, she probably answers her own emails." So far, no response. I'm on a mission to get this woman to interview with me. I will watch her new season of her show because it's one of my favorites - but I'm starting to think that I (and you, the viewer) are being scammed by her reality show.

Here is the letter dated May 24th. I'm still waiting for a response. So far, the only responses I get are her "people" telling me she's not interested:

Dear Kathy,

I have been a big fan of yours for a number of years. I saw you live when I was in college some years back & I thought your show was great. I have watched your D-List show on Bravo as well as bought your specials on ITunes.

When I started my reality website a few months ago after years of doing radio, I was excited to talk to my favorite reality stars and recapping all the best shows. When I heard that not only was D-List coming back this summer but that you were going to do a show in my home state of CT, I was excited. I figured - what a perfect opportunity to be able to interview you.

Your publicity staff told me you don't do in person interviews and that you would only do an interview if you felt that ticket sales needed a boost. I have readers all over the country & really wanted to promote D-List & have the opportunity to sit down to talk with you whether in person or over the phone. So far, my efforts have been in vain.

I want you to have success. I, of course, don't think you belong on any D-List. Someone who co-hosts The View, corresponds on E!, and sits front & center at the Idol finale is not D-List in my mind. I always thought you were really real & stayed true to your fans.

I can't tell if the show is set up or if that's really how your life is. Either way, it is undeniably entertaining. I just wanted to say that as someone who writes about reality & has followed you for a number of years, I was hoping you'd be more open to interviews & meeting those who are interested in you.

Good luck with the show, I certainly hope our paths do cross. Since I had no luck so far with your publicity people, I thought I'd come directly to you and hope you do, indeed, read these emails yourself.


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Lisa said...

I love Kathy, she's hilarious. I hope she writes you back because I would hate to think she's just putting on an act for her show!