Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pirate Master: The Voyage Of The Scientist/Exotic Dancer (5/31/07)

Pirate Master opens with the players rowing in open, foggy water. They come upon a pirate ship where they are greeted by host Cameron Daddo. The pirates learn that the vessel is fully functional, and they are expected to pull their weight. Their first task: pull a treasure chest out of the open water. Cameron tells the pirates a story of a pirate named Henry Steel who hid his treasure in 14 different places. THIS is why they are there – to find the treasure, keep what they do find, and hopefully end with a grand prize of 1 million dollars.

The pirates immediately begin getting acclimated with one another. The creepy award is immediately bestowed upon John, a scientist AND exotic dancer … boy, those are just a dime a dozen, aren’t they? He invades everyone’s personal space & hits on every girl that looks at him. He’s not thinking of the right kind of booty, though, as the rest of the pirates set their sites on the money at the end of this journey. Another pirate we should keep our eye on is Louie, a zanier version of Survivor’s Rupert, who keeps things entertaining. It’s not long before the water starts affecting the pirates and Joy takes a beating from sea sickness.

Pirates are split into 2 crews for missions only– the red crew & the black crew. They are sent out on a mission to find the first treasure. The winning crew gets to keep what they find which is always a great motivator. The pirates must paddle up the Indian River to find a dead man’s tree. Then, on foot, they must find keys to unlock a cage which holds their next map. The red crew immediately finds themselves rowing off course while the black crew sails ahead.
After finding their new map, the crews head up the river where they have the opportunity to sabotage the other crew. The black crew takes full advantage, slowing the red crew down. The crews end in Crocodile Lair where they must dive down and find the treasure tied to croc heads. The red crew catches up and for a minute, things start to look very tight. In the end, Creepy John figures out where the crocs heads are & pulls out a win for the black crew. Other members of the winning team include: Louie, Ben (a musician), Alexis (a fashion publicist), and Cheryl (a district attorney).

The black team is asked to immediately elect a captain and Joe Don, a firefighter is chosen. JD must pick two officers & he chooses Cheryl & Ben. The rest have been demoted who must now obey JD’s orders, much to their dismay. JD, Cheryl, and Ben receive keys to the captain’s quarters & now run the ship. To top it off, JD gets half the prize (of $40,000), Cheryl & Ben split $10,000 and the rest of the winning crew gets $2,000 each. This can only breed animosity – nice job, Mark Burnett.

Joe Don must now mark 3 pirates to be cut adrift by marking them. Those 3 pirates can make their case in pirate court to stay. However, all pirates may band together to mutiny against their captain and cut HIM adrift. Everyone is in agreement that Creepy John has gotta go. Louis also ended up on the target list along with Joy. Creepy John eases Joy’s fears by attempting to plan a mutiny against JD.

At pirate court, Louie, Joy, and Creepy John made their case to stay on the ship. Creepy John threatens to take the only compasses the pirates have with him if he is cut adrift. He also makes a fairly convincing argument against Joe Don but JD is quick to fire back against him. The pirates vote by placing a ballot on a dagger – once all ballots are counted, the pirates have decided Creepy John has been cut adrift. I’ll be talking to Creepy John myself tomorrow so make sure you check back to get all the dirt on what went down on that pirate ship!

Pirate Master airs Thursday nights on CBS

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