Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So You Think You Wanna Audition?

Reality shows make auditions seem like a lengthy but maybe simple process, right? You stand in line, you wait, you see the judges, they tell you if they like you, and you either move on or go home. But the reality audition process involves much more hoop jumping then you might have thought. Jennifer, a dancer from Connecticut, made the trip to New York City to try out for Fox' "So You Think You Can Dance". Here was her experience:

"The audition process was long. I waited outside for like 6 hours and when I finally got inside, I had to wait another 4 hours. Once it was your turn, you had to show your best 30 seconds of dance in front of the producers and other directors. You were then brought up in group of tens to show your best 30 seconds. Afer that, they line you up and give out golden tickets to those that were put through to the next round, which would be the next day. I got one of the golden tickets. Then you had to go downstairs and sign a million contracts and go through an interview both on and off camera. There were cameras everywhere! The next day was a day of waiting again. I was brought to this room with about 100 other dancers and we waited for 10 hours to perform our 1 min solo in front of the judges that you see on tv. It was an amazing experience!"

Thanks to Jennifer for sharing HER audition experience with us. If you've tried out for a reality show, and want to share the process, send an email!

So You Think You Can Dance airs on Fox Wednesday & Thursday night.

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