Sunday, May 27, 2007

Preview: Pirate Master

Before you pass off CBS’s summer reality show “Pirate Master” as a ripoff of Survivor, take a closer look. Yes, the pirates have to live together & work together. Yes, every week someone is voted out. And yes, there is a monetary prize at the end that each pirate is after. But this is no vacation on a beach on Fiji. These 16 pirates have to live & work together on a real pirate ship circa 1730. They must eat, sleep, and work as if it were truly the year 1730. Each week, 3 pirates are marked by their captain and must get up to speak at pirate court to plead their case. The pirate voted out is cut adrift or the pirates may mutiny against their captain and set them adrift. I'm excited already!

“Pirate Master” host Cameron Daddo sat down with RealityCheckByGina to talk a little about the upcoming premiere.

RC: Did you have much sailing or experience on the water before doing this show?
Cameron: My sailing experience has never been in a big ship like that. My experience has been in catamarans, wind surfing, surfing, and swimming. I’ve spent a lot of time in the water, I’ve always loved the sea.

RC: Were the contestants prepared for how physical this show would be & how much work they would need to do?
Cameron: Absolutely not. I don’t think any of them expected what actually happened. The ship is a working ship & they needed to put in the work. There were chores to be done. The motion of the ocean got to them in the very beginning. It’s not for the faint of heart. The 4 hour watches really knocked them around as well. In the expeditions they’d be dealing with running, mudpits, sabotages – come back, prepare food, be up a few hours later. You throw in a barrel of rum on top of that – that’s a lot of hard work!

RC: Was there a lot of effort that was put into being historically accurate?
Cameron: Not so much the history aspect of it, certainly the period of it. We kept as close as we could to the time period & make this world alive for them. We created this world where they’re back in 1730 and all the tools they used (compasses, maps), everything was leather, old. The art department & expedition organizers worked overtime to keep this illusion, this world alive & make it believable for them.

Make sure to check our Pirate Master, premiering Thursday May 31st on CBS!
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Steve said...

The other star of the show will be the island of Dominica - stunning location for the show!