Tuesday, May 15, 2007

American Idol: All About The Threes (5/15/07)

Tonight was all about 3s – 3 finalists singing 3 songs with 3 phone numbers each so you can vote and 3 judges to give their feedback. Each judge picked a song for a contestant, each producer has picked a song for a contestant, and finally, each contestant chooses their third piece.

First up is Simon who chooses “Wishing On A Star” for Jordin Sparks who receives (no surprise) rave reviews from the judges. Simon, however, wished for a different arrangement. Paula picked “Roxanne” for Blake Lewis who gave a solid performance despite having a tough song to sing with big shoes to fill. Randy decided on “I Believe In You & Me” (GREAT SONG) for Melinda Doolittle. I didn’t love it but who cares what I think? Judges all around gave it an A.

It’s time for the producers to choose for the contestants and Jordin’s up first with “She Works Hard For The Money”. I always have to remind myself she’s only 17 years old. Once again, Jordin does well & leaves the judges giddy. Blake goes next, singing “This Love” (nice choice, producers). I’m sick of the Blake cheese factor but he did a good job – the judges agree. Melinda is last this round performing “Nutbush City Limits”, showing her sassy side.

The final songs for each contestant each night are the ones they got to choose themselves. Jordin takes the stage with “I Who Have Nothing”. The judges are happy with it except Simon (of course) who calls the song & performance old fashioned. Blake is up and goes with “When I Get You Alone” who got mixed feedback from Simon, Randy, and Paula. Closing the show is Melinda who has chosen “I’m A Woman” who screws up the words in minute 1. I’m sorry – what was that, Melinda? Apparently, none of the judges want to bring it up. Eh, fine by me.

The love has been lost for Blake who spends way too much time trying to be a comedian (I’ll seriously never let that tuxedo t-shirt last week go). The guy absolutely should put out a Maroon 5 style album. In any case, I’m lookin for Melinda & Jordin in a hell of a showdown next week. I’ll keep my money on Jordin – I won’t waver. I'm gonna go dial in.

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