Friday, June 15, 2007

Pirate Master: An End To The Reign Of Terror (6/14/07)

When we last left the pirates, Christian was cut adrift and now, his pal Louie is out for revenge. Will he be able to pull off a mutiny on Joe Don? If Louie has his way, JD will be following in Christian’s footsteps. The ladies, however, don’t seem too concerned with strategizing. Jupiter spends the morning putting makeup on all the pirates. After the fun (and the work), the pirates set sail for their next expedition.

For their next competition, the pirates will once again split into crews. The black crew is comprised of: Joe Don, Cheryl, Ben, Sean, Joy, Alexis, & Laurel. Opposing them, on the red crew, will be Kendra, Jupiter, Christa, Nessa, Azmyth, Louie, and Jay. The pirates must paddle to shore where they follow a trail and have the opportunity to sabotage the other crew. The red crew, led by Azmyth, arrived at the top of the trail first and, of course, took the opportunity to sabotage.

The red team’s attempt didn’t hold the black crew off for long & they are neck and neck as they approach a river which will lead them to the treasure. Both teams search the water for the skull that will give them the key to the treasure. Lo & behold, Louie pops out of the water with the key & the red crew enjoys their first victory. This spells trouble for the black crew, especially Joe Don. A new captain must now be chosen & Louie couldn’t be happier. Cheryl, Ben, & Joe Don must clean out their rooms and bunk with the rest of the pirates.
Azmyth is unanimously voted the new captain of the ship and he chooses Jupiter & Jay as his officers. He surprisingly took his share of the win instead of splitting it among the pirates. However, he suggests giving more money to the pirates & begins speaking in a fake English accent. Jay seems ready to commit Azymyth to the loony bin! The captain & his two officers also must decide which pirates they’ll mark with a black spot for elimination. Alexis, Cheryl, and Laurel all find black spots on their notes – what? No Joe Don?! Silly pirates…

At pirates court, host Cameron Daddo calls out Azmyth on his fake accent & I couldn’t be happier. Somebody had to call him out to his face. Alexis has been marked because of her bad attitude, Laurel is marked for flying under the radar, and Cheryl receives a black spot for not attempting to fit in with the rest of the crew. Laurel is safe but a tie ensues between Alexis & Cheryl. This means, as captain, Azmyth must decide who will leave & he cuts Alexis adrift for her weak physical performance throughout this game.

More drama ensues on the high seas as a new episode of Pirate Master airs next Thursday at 8pm EST on CBS.

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