Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hell's Kitchen: Melissa Runs Out Of Chances (7/10/07)

When we last left the chefs, Gordon Ramsay shocked everyone by sending Melissa to the blue team with the men. Rock is not thrilled with the new addition and looks to get rid of her quickly. The other women are more than happy to see Melissa off the team and try to rally to pull of a win the next day. We learn that Jen is not who she says she is. She tried to play it off to her competitors as a small town pastry chef but she accidentally lets it slip that she's cooked in major cities.

First things first though, it's time for one of Chef Ramsay's challenges. They competitors will be working with lobster, which immediately freaks Bonnie out. Because Josh couldn't identify scallops from lobster in a previous challenge, Chef Ramsay sits him out. The teams have one hour to complete three lobster dishes that will impress Chef Ramsay. Both teams pull off decent dishes and the red team is chosen as the winners. The three girls (Jen, Bonnie, and Julia) receive a photo shoot and interview with In Touch Magazine.

For their punishment, the blue team must recycle everything out of every garbage can throughout the restaurant. Rock was so angry that he began throwing things around the kitchen, while his team tried to calm him down. After his blowout, both teams begin prepping for dinner service and are equally happy to have Melissa and not have her on their respective teams.

The blue kitchen gets off to a slow start while the red crew works harmoniously. The red team's customers love their appetizers while the blue team's customers just wish they had any food at all. Just when it seems nothing can go wrong, something does. Bonnie starts a fire in her kitchen but her minor setback in nothing compared to the mess in the blue kitchen. Chef Ramsay finally gets fed up, shutting down the kitchen.
As the losing team, the men (and Melissa) must decide as a group which two people will be up for elimination. After debating, the blue team is ready to give Chef Ramsay their decision but he makes one for them, getting rid of Melissa before anyone can say anything. Chef Ramsay isn't done yet though, calling Brad & Josh forward, sparing Rock. Both are given another chance to stay.

Stay tuned as I'll be talking to Melissa this week on RealityCheckByGina!

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