Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So Long, Farwell... (Week of 3/26/07)

Wondering who's 15 minutes are up? Well 14 min & 59 seconds into it, I'm here to tell you who got the boot this week in reality world:

Dancing With The Stars: Paulina
I'm sure in her mind, she knew she was going. In the bottom 2 with Shandi Finnessey, Paulina joins the likes of Trista Rehn & Tucker Carlson - the first voted out of Dancing With The Stars. I actually didn't know who she was so ... I guess I'm not surprised.

America's Next Top Model: Diana
So Mr. Jay asks her why she wants to be in the competition and she answers: "Just ... 'cause ..." When will you people learn that Tyra boots the girls who lack the passion & drive? This week, the girls had to dress like men while their partners (male models) dressed like women. While girls like Natasha & Dionne flourished, Diana found herself in the bottom 2 with fellow plus-size model, Whitney. P.S. Whitney said she was a size 8. So am I. Apparenly, I'm a plus size model.

American Idol: Chris S.
Dammit! I wanted to call that he'd go home. I did say in my last blog that I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up in the bottom 3. Poor Phil was there again along with Haley (I also called that one). But lo & behold, Captain Mohawk stays in the game. He just doesn't get it, does he? What will you do if he wins? Seriously, WHAT will you do? Ryan, no giving more attention to Sanjaya by wearing the hairstyle. (sigh) I'm shaking my head at producers.

There you have it, a trifecta of losers (I love that word ... trifecta, not losers.) We'll see you guys on MySpace awaiting comments from fans telling you how much you'll be missed.

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