Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dancing With The ... Dammit, I'm Hooked! (3/26/07)

I'll admit it. I was more of a "So You Think You Can Dance?" person then a "Dancing With The Stars" person. The whole first season thing with Kelly Monaco & John O'Hurley (well really my problem was just O'Hurley) really turned me off to the show. But ... for the good of my blog, I decided to check it out again this season. And what do you know? I actually like it.

In the beginning, I called Ian Ziering as the winner - after all he IS paired up with 2-time winner Cheryl Burke. Then, I was thinking that maybe The Fat One (aka Joey Fatone - I didn't come up with that name) would pull off a win. Is anyone surprised that a guy who spent years of his life learning how to be in sync (literally) with 4 other guys is constantly in step with his partner? SHOCKER! Ok but guess what? I loves me some Apollo Anton Ohno. A) You're hot (but lose the soul patch). B) You can DANCE. I think we'll see him go far in this competition. His quickstep last night with partner Julianne Hough was great to watch. And surprise - boxer Layla Ali is pullin' out some great dances herself. She ended the night with the highest score after a great night with partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy (I had to look up the spelling of that 9 times).

By the way, are you as confused as I am as to who might win? But maybe you have a guess! You can play Fantasy Dancing on ABC's website - you predict who's going & who's staying. And you'll get bragging rights. I registered today! ... that was very informercial of me. Sorry.

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