Monday, March 26, 2007

Grease: You're The One That They Wanted! (3/25/07)

Congratulations to Laura Osnes & Max Crumm on winning the roles of Danny & Sandy in the Broadway production of "Grease"!
In somewhat of a surprising turn of events, Max beat out Austin for the lead role of Danny. Certainly surprised was producer David Ian, whose jaw was noticeably on the floor when Billy Bush announced the winner. It's hard to feel bad for the guy who was in soap operas and played Link Larkin in "Hairspray" but ... losing on national television must be rough. I felt more for Ashley who seemed to want this so badly and was very gracious in her losing to Laura. Both losers had to come back on minutes later singing backup for the people they just lost to! I was having heart failure ... I don't know how they did it. Ok - did anyone else notice that when the Broadway cast joined them on stage ... that ... they looked ... a LOT older than Max & Laura??? In any case, tickets for "Grease" are currently available through Ticketmaster and the show opens on Broadway this summer. And finally, did I not tell you that Max won it with that bells palsy story last week? If I could've flown to L.A., I would've just to give him a hug. But - I'm very happy with the choices for the roles. And maybe I'll catch it in Broadway this summer. Congrats again to Max & Laura!

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ksturmer1 said...

The Broadway cast definitely looked older than Max and Laura. Frenchy looked like she could have been Max's Mom for crying out loud. Can't believe Austin, the Adrian Zmed of the 00's, lost out. Danny Zuko is supposed to be a leader. Max doesn't look like he could lead the T-Birds/Burger Palace Boys/whatever out of detention at Rydell, much less through the hardships of mooning, a high school dance and a rumble. Whoops, America.