Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Amazing Race: The Standby Fairy Doesn't Like Us (4/15/07)

There's a conspiracy to get rid of the blondes & it's being led by the "other blondes" - Charla & Mirna. Seems nobody would mind getting rid of Dustin & Kandice so teams join forces to try to oust them from the top 3. Teams need to head to Hong Kong & all flights are full. Ozzie & Danny secure themselves on standby before all other teams despite coming in 3rd on the last race. When they get the earliest flight, they give their priority code for the 2nd flight to Charla & Mirna, putting them ahead of Dustin & Kandice (who have a hissy fit). Once again, Eric & Danielle are left behind, ending up on the 3rd flight & hours behind.

Upon arriving to Hong Kong, Ozzie & Danny find themselves the 2nd of only 2 Fast Forwards in the game where they must complete a movie action stunt. After rolling in a car, they have completed their task & head first to the finish line. As the winners of this leg of the race, they receive a trip back to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year (note: I'm jealous).

The others must continue along on the Detour choosing between Kung Fu Fighting & Lost In Translation. The Beauty Queens head to kung fu and after hemming & hawing, Charla & Mirna opted to do the same. The decision is not a wise one as their taxi driver gets lost, costing them precious time. You would think a little person would have troble climbing an 11 story ladder fighting off ninjas but Charla never ceases to amaze me and Too Hot To Handle finishes without further problems. However, it doesn't last as they get lost heading to Hong Kong Island.

Eric & Danielle finally arrive in Hong Kong & head to kung fu fight. All remaining teams find themselves kicking down doors Hong Kong style in their detour. One more stop to complete a task & teams can head to the finish line. (Side note: The Travelocity gnome had a nice cameo tonight.) Dustin & Kandice finish 2nd. Hours behind, and after day has turned to night, Charla & Mirna (having gotten lost for the BILLIONTH time) make it to the pit stop to check in 3rd. Last to arrive is the fake team - Eric & Danielle but it's a non-elimination round & they are now marked for elimination.

Next time on The Amazing Race, Charla rises 660 feet above the ground & teams must make a decision regarding a Yield. The Amazing Race airs Sunday nights at 8pm EST on CBS.

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