Friday, April 20, 2007

Survivor: Dreamz Did A Bad Thing (4/20/07)

I talked to Johnny Fairplay a few weeks ago who called this season "boring" in comparison to other seasons. He probably meant in comparison to HIM. It would take a lot to hold a candle to Fairplay's antics. But he DID mention to me a while back that Dreamz was going to do something very "Fairplay-esque" as he called it. For weeks now, I have been waiting for that moment. Last night, I was rewarded. Dreamz, in the shadiest of all moves, played both alliances & shocked everyone by orchestrating the torch snuffing of Edgardo. Dreamz convinced Mookie to give Alex the immunity idol. Dreamz then told the other alliance (consisting of Boo, Earl, Stacy, & Yao Man) that Alex had the idol. They decided to make a move on Edgardo since he wasn't protected, thereby gaining numbers (always essential in Survivor). The move shocked everyone as a hidden immunity idol was played, ending up as a lost cause. I can't wait to see the repercussions of Dreamz's actions on next week's episode. Let's just say ... I'm NOT rooting for him. If you missed it, you need to go watch the entire episode on Now.

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