Wednesday, April 18, 2007

American Idol: Sorry, Fanjayas (4/18/07)

Wow, was I way off about tonight's bottom 3. I called Phil, Chris, and Lakisha. I was only right about Lakisha (who I wish left, can't stand her). Tonight's bottom 3: Sanjaya, Lakisha, Blake. Chris should have been standing where Blake was but no worries, he was sent back to the couch leaving Kiki & Sanjaya to stand together, awaiting the results. In the end, Sanjaya got the boot and ya know what? I felt bad for the kid. He was put in the top 24 and then voted top 12. The country went crazy hating him & he's not THAT bad. He's certainly not the worst Idol has seen. (Do you hear me, Jon Stevens & Kevin Covais?)He's a decent singer without much personality or stage experience. He tried his best & I ended up feeling for him tonight. Yeah, I have a soul. I personally think that no matter what the votes were, Sanjaya was going tonight because Idol Gives Back is next week & they want it to be a worldwide media sensation. It was very clear Simon & other Idol execs wanted him out. Conspiracy? Eh, who cares? Farewell, Sanjaya. We'll miss you ... and your ponyhawk. I might buy the shirt - I can't help myself.

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