Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Age Of Love: Things Gets Interesting (6/25/07)

We pick up where last week’s premiere left off, with the news that Mark will now have a wider variety to choose from. Thus, we are introduced to the Kittens, a group of women in their 20s. Mark seems pretty excited to get to know them, as one by one they come off the elevator to introduce themselves. Adelaide forms a quick connection, as not only is she good looking, but she & Mark are both natives of Australia. We don’t see much panic on Mark’s face throughout these introduction, as we saw when he first met the Cougars. In fact, he can barely maintain eye contact with the woman … up here, Mark! Look up here!

Mark enjoys a barbecue with the Kittens, giving him a chance to get to know them each a little better. First up is Tessa, who says her personality is just like her dog, a maltipoo (maltese & mini poodle mix). Jealous, the other girls convince Mark to get away from Tessa & get in the pool with them. It seems exciting to get in the pool with 6 beautiful girls in their 20s until they realize they all have absolutely nothing to talk about, leaving Mark wondering with the 40 year olds are doing. This leaves Mark to desperately ask, “Does someone wanna pull me aside & talk to me?” The girls agree and Mark ends up finding out that none of the girls have any solid career paths or goals – none of them seem to know what they want. Thankfully, there’s down to earth Adelaide, who is able to maintain a conversation with Mark, even if it was all flirtation and no substance.

It’s time for host Mark Consuelos to break up the party. He lets bachelor Mark head back to his room while the girls are informed that only some of them will go on dates while the rest won’t see Mark until the elimination. First, though, the women in their 40s will get a group date with Mark roller skating. Mark is immediately happy to see them – they’re enthusiastic & full of life! The 40 year olds lack something that the 20s have plenty of: drama. Back on the 20th floor, Mary can’t stop crying over what she felt was a bad first impression with Mark. No tears at the roller rink, though. A limbo contest has ensued & the winner gets some 1-on-1 time with Mark. Angela wins but her time is cut short when Jen jumps in. All seems to be going well between Jen & Mark until Jen talks about her 25-year-old son … who is 5 years younger than Mark. He went a little pale upon learning that!

Back at the hotel, Mark gives the Kittens a call to invite Megan, Amanda, and Adelaide over to his place to get to know them better. When they get there, they find Dance Dance Revolution set up to play. No one is very good at the game but they at least get to show off their sexy dances. Afterwards, Adelaide pulls Mark aside to speak to him alone and confess that (yes, already) she has feelings for him. He’s willing to take that journey & we probably don’t have to worry about her going anywhere anytime soon. Leading up to the elimination, the claws come out on the 20th floor as they mercilessly make fun of the women in their 40s … who they haven’t even met yet.

It’s time for the two groups of women to come face to face at the elimination. The 40s stand below as the 20s descend from the elevator to meet their competition. Not surprisingly, the Cougars are upset. Lynn expresses that this is not what she signed up for & perhaps, she should be sent home. Host Mark Consuelos explains to both groups of women that they’re here to see if age really does play a factor when it comes to falling in love. Kitten Tessa is called forward first by bachelor Mark, who asks her to come out of her shell a little more but still wants to get to know her. Mark keeps around fellow Kittens Mary, Amanda, Megan, and Adelaide as well as Cougars Maria, Jayana, Lynn, Kelli, and Angela. 40-year-old Angela & 27-year old Lauren are asked to leave, as Mark doesn’t feel the romantic connection with either of them. While Lauren takes the news well, Angela is particularly hurt by the rejection.

I’ll be talking to the eliminated women this week so make sure you check back!

You can read Mark’s exclusive thoughts on his blog HERE.

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