Friday, June 29, 2007

Pirate Master: The Return Of Azmyth (6/29/07)

Joe Don does not regret his decision to bid on the pardon, which he did not end up needing. Ben was disappointed that Cheryl ended up being the one to go last week. It seems like the pirates are gunning for Nessa this week - no one seems to appreciate her flirtatious methods of getting ahead ... except the guys she's flirting wtih! She won't take it lying down & calls out Sean for flipping his vote in pirate's court, ultimately getting rid of Cheryl.

Once again, the pirates split into two crews to compete for treasure. Louie will lead the black crew along with his officers Nessa & Sean, as well as Joe Don, Christa, and Joy. Opposing them will be: Azmyth, Jupiter, Laurel, Kendra, Ben, and Jay. Jay is hoping for a win so he can orchestrate Nessa's ousting but with Kendra & Laurel on his team, he's not too optimistic.

The pirates will paddle to the anchor on the beach, then head west to the voodoo forest where they must search for playing cards to make 21. The black crew arrives first & hits a booby trap, narrowing the gap between the two teams. Joe Don, Sean & the remaining black crew find their card first. They now head back to the anchor to find a heart which leads them to a graveyard which leads them to their next clue.

Louie got the black crew's spyglass wet, making it very difficult to search the horizon for a heart however they reach their next clue first, maintaining their lead. For the last part of their treasure hunt, the pirates must search for a palm tree where their treasure will be buried. Both crews are neck & neck but it is the red crew that comes from behind to win! This week's pot is $40,000 & Azmyth is re-elected as captain after Louie's loss on the black crew. He chooses Jay & Ben as his officers.

Once again, Azmyth is a fair captain, spreading the wealth as much as he can & trying his best to keep his pirate crew happy. Meanwhile, Jupiter & Sean plot to get rid of Nessa but she overhears their plan & devises one of her own to save herself. She attempts to bid on the royal pardon but, not wanting to see her go, Joe Don kicks her a couple thousand so that she will have the highest bid.
When it is time to hand out black spots, Louie, Laurel, and Sean are all marked for elimination. Nessa is surprisingly spared this week but that's because Jay & the other men don't mind that the women are fighting so much - it takes the heat off of them! At pirate's court, Azmyth explains why all 3 have beem marked: Louie, because he asked to be after becoming captain, Laurel, for having no particular allegience, and Sean, for switching up votes & viewed as untrustworthy. Though Sean makes a convincing argument to stay, he is cut adrift as Nessa paid the most for a royal pardon she didn't need.

An all-new episode of Pirate Master airs Thursday at 8pm EST on CBS

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