Monday, April 23, 2007

The Amazing Race: Bad Karma Vs. No Money (4/22/07)

Tonight’s race started with Eric & Danielle marked for elimination. Ozzie & Danny were out of money & desperate to get their hands on some. They made a deal with Dustin & Kandice (or as Mirna called it, "a deal with the devil") to yield Eric & Danielle in exchange for $45. Since the beauty queens already yielded once on the race, they were unable to again. Teams headed to the Mulau Tower where one team member had to sky jump off the 61st floor. Danny, Dustin, Charla, and Eric all took the leap of faith. In the detour, teams chose between making pasta or carrying a wooden dragon & drum ¾ of a mile to a boat. Everyone chose pasta except Ozzie & Danny. Earlier in the episode, they felt guilty for exchanging a yield for money.

Bad karma followed them as Eric & Danielle pulled ahead to 1st place upon completing the detour while Ozzie & Danny found themselves at the bottom of the pack, lost on their detour. Teams then had to drive what looked to be like a golf cart to their pit stop. Dustin & Kandice had no trouble with the shift stick while Charla & Mirna struggled greatly. Eric & Danielle came in 2nd but had to serve their 30 minute penalty before being allowed to check in. During the 30 minutes, Charla & Mirna checked in 2nd since Eric & Danielle were still waiting. Ozzie & Danny did not make it back in time so Eric & Danielle were allowed to check in 3rd. HOWEVER, it was the final non-elimination round. Therefore, Ozzie & Danny were allowed to stay but are now marked for elimination.

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Capt Cosmic said...

I just wish that Eric would grow up and stop threatening to kill people just because they utilized a Race-provided opportunity.

Hate the Yield, Eric, not the Yielder!