Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Bachelor: Milkin’ The Ankle For All Its Worth (4/23/07)

Last night's installment of The Bachelor featured two group dates & an individual date. Everyone boarded a private jet to head to Lake Tahoe for their dates with Andy. After the private jet, the party bus ride, and the arrival at the suite (and many girly screams later), group assignments were doled out. The first group would be: Nicole, Stephanie (Kansas), Danielle, & Bevin who had to immediately throw on some party dresses & go gambling with Andy. Bevin began to crack under the pressure. She broke down on the date, taking Andy away from the other girls, much to their dismay. The waterworks kept flowin’ as Stephanie (Kansas) also broke down to Andy. That guy should carry Kleenex with him at all times! Andy decides to give the quality time to Bevin, who took full advantage of the situation – wink, wink.

Meanwhile, the second group date card arrived at the suite. Tessa, Kate, Tina, and Stephanie – South Carolina went skiing with Andy. This left Amber to take the individual date. Tessa skied to impress & found herself having some time with Andy to talk, expressing her doubts & insecurities about the experience. Stephanie (SC), on the other hand, took advantage of her alone time with Andy to smack talk the other girls in the house. She also called Andy out on the fact that he’s been kissing everyone, saying all the girls were mad at him. Meanwhile, Kate uses her time to spread rumors about Amber & slam Stephanie (SC). Cattiness & jealousy has taken over Tahoe!

The time came for the individual date but Stephanie (SC) & Kate had done their damage. Andy spent a good portion of the evening grilling Amber on the rumors that he heard. Satisfied with her answers, they wasted no time getting in the hot tub to make out. Andy got the rose & presented it to her. Nice try, Stephanie & Kate!

Full drama ensued at the cocktail party prior to the rose ceremony. Andy expressed he was looking for his soul mate but it was hard for me just to look past Stephanie (SC)’s breasts in that dress! Tessa expressed wanting to leave while Andy continued to try to console her & convince her to stay. A hot Navy doctor shouldn’t have to work so hard! The rose ceremony leaves 3 girls out in the cold without roses – Nicole, Kate, and Stephanie (SC). Kate took it graciously while Nicole & Stephanie broke down.

Kissing Tally: Bevin, Danielle, Amber, Tessa

Interesting Fact Of The Night: Andy ‘fesses up to Tina that the car & yacht aren’t really his. Way to foot the bill, ABC!

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