Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Survivor: Somebody Hit The Reset Button (3/21/07)

Survivor ... you just earned 10 points from me. There aren't many words I enjoy hearing more besides, "Drop your buffs". A merge? Not so fast. A reorganization of tribes to be exact. Probst asked two tribe members to step forward and Edgardo & Earl stepped forward having no idea what was in store for them. A schoolyard pick took place and Lisi was left in the cold, sent to Exile Island. She was NOT happy about that ... basically telling Jeff she wanted to go home. (You should know, Lisi, that if you wanna go home, the tribe has no problem granting your wish. Better you than them.) Just like that, new tribes were formed, and players were back at square one forming alliances & getting to know one another again.

The new Ravu tribe seems like they'll be fine: Alex, Edgardo, Dreamz, Mookie, Rocky, and Anthony. Ravu went back to their old camp after a draw for buffs but did well catching fish & crabs. Rocky had one of the best lines of the night, "I love women. I love 'em. I love to touch 'em & make out & have conversation with 'em ... get along well. But um, ya know, in this time of environment, this time of game, you don't need any stupid like ... girl stories or distractions or any stupid things like that." As a woman, I should be offended. Instead, I laughed.

During the immunity challenge, an intense & close race ended with a a win for Moto. Shocking. I was expecting Ravu to take it easily. Back at camp, a debate ensued among Ravu as to who they would rather see go: Anthony or Rocky. At Tribal Council, tempers flared between the two. Rocky wanted Anthony to speak up & be honest about how he's feeling (odd man out syndrome) and even Jeff jumped on board prying into how Anthony really felt about his fellow tribemates. As amusing as Rocky is, I actually sided with Anthony here. Good for Anthony for finally standing up & fighting to stay in the game. And in the end, Anthony ended up getting voted out. I was sure it would be Rocky for his big mouth.

Good for you, Survivor. Lots of twists in tonight's episode. Keep it up.

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