Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dancing With The People I Used To Watch & Listen To 10 Years Ago

So ... I may have made an error in calling the winners (Ian/Cheryl). Because I totally forgot about The Fat One aka Joey Fatone. Just like with Mario Lopez & Joe Lawrence ... a LITTLE unfair that a guy with extensive dance training (do you hear me, Drew Lachey?) gets to compete against Cliff from Cheers (did he get work done?). I get that the dance training was hip hop but he's very accustomed to picking up things quickly & executing it well. He WAS great and I actually like The Fat One so I'm gonna pull for him to go far. I'd think the former model will do well(Paulina?) but she's not as well known as the rest. Billy Ray Cyrus said he never danced before ... uhhh, how about the Achey Breaky Heart, Billy? That was dancing! :) When he almost ripped Karina's wig off her head, I couldn't help but laugh. It's really interesting to me that pseudo-celebrities would subject themselves to harsh judging on national television. I guess EVERYONE loves reality television. I know I do. Final thought - I hope Shandi & her partner Brian do well in this competition. I think they'll be good tv. The couples are back dancing next Monday at 8 (another 2 hours - damn you DVR!) and then the results will be on Tuesday at 9 on ABC.

P.S. If you don't understand what all the dances are (cause I don't), ABC breaks it down for you HERE.

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