Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol: What Was The Deal With That Girl? (3/20/07)

Last night was music from the British pop invasion. Apparently, the Beatles don't allow their catalog since nobody sang a song by them. But way to feature them in the opening video. For a minute, I got excited.

Ok well first, let me call that Haley or Phil is going home tonight. Sorry, TwoCents, but I think Sanjaya is here to stay another week. I actually think his rendition of "You Really Got Me" was in fact his best performance to date. Is he good enough for Top 12? No but he DID improve and I didn't think he was the worst. So, I think America is going to be seeing him another week. For me, Blake is still the winner. Give that kid a piano & a backup band and I'd buy his CD tomorrow. And he's the only contestant I can say that about. Is Melinda amazing? YES. But what can record execs do with her? I just don't see how she's marketable though she is, without question, the most talented singer there. But stranger things have happened. I feel that Idol needs a marketable winner after Reuben, Fantasia, and Taylor. 2 for 5 is not a great record. Yet 30 million people watch every week. Go figure. I wouldn't be shocked if Stephanie left either.

Now on to the little girl. I didn't get why she was crying so hard or why nobody around her was trying to console her. That had to be one of the most ridiculous things I've ever witnessed in my life. And the cameramen were on her the ENTIRE time. That girl is gonna have to live with that for the rest of her life. You cried over SANJAYA. What the hell is going on? You can see the clip here.

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